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Crucifix wrestling is a dynamic and powerful technique utilized by skilled wrestlers to control their opponents and set up potential falls. In this article, we will delve into the art of crucifix wrestling, while also exploring strategies for getting off your back in wrestling, understanding technical falls, and the significance of falls in wrestling. We will also touch upon gut wrench wrestling and methods to snapdown wrestling.

What this article covers:

1. Crucifix Wrestling:

The crucifix is a potent wrestling technique that involves trapping both of your opponent's arms, effectively immobilizing them and gaining control. To execute a crucifix, secure one of your opponent's arms across their body, while using your own arm to trap and control their other arm. This positioning restricts their movement and limits their defensive options. The crucifix can be a crucial setup for pinning combinations or scoring opportunities.

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wrestling crucifix

2. Getting Off Your Back in Wrestling:

Finding yourself on your back in wrestling puts you in a precarious position, as you are vulnerable to giving up points or potentially getting pinned. Here are some techniques to help you escape:

a) Bridge and Roll: Initiate a bridge by elevating your hips off the mat, driving through your toes and shoulders. As you gain momentum, roll onto your side and continue the movement to escape from your opponent's control.

b) Granby Roll: This technique involves rolling away from your opponent while maintaining constant movement. Use your hips, shoulders, and agility to create separation and regain a better position.

c) Switch: From the bottom position, perform a quick switch by shifting your hips and reversing your opponent's grip. This allows you to change positions and escape their control.

3. Technical Fall Wrestling:

A technical fall occurs when a wrestler establishes a significant point lead over their opponent, resulting in an automatic victory. The exact point margin required for a technical fall varies depending on the wrestling style and competition rules. In freestyle wrestling, for example, a technical fall is often achieved when a wrestler establishes a lead of ten points or more. Achieving a technical fall showcases your dominance throughout the match and secures a decisive victory.

4. The Significance of Falls in Wrestling:

In wrestling, a fall refers to a decisive victory obtained by either pinning your opponent's shoulders to the mat for a specific duration or accumulating a substantial point lead resulting in a technical fall. Falls are the ultimate goal for wrestlers, demonstrating their skill, technique, and ability to dominate their opponents. Securing a fall signifies a clear victory, often earning the wrestler maximum points and a sense of accomplishment.

5. Gut Wrench Wrestling:

Gut wrench wrestling is a technique used to control and score points against an opponent on the ground. It involves applying pressure to their midsection or "gut," disrupting their balance and potentially exposing their back for a pinfall. When executing a gut wrench, secure control of your opponent's upper body, drive your shoulder into their midsection, and utilize leverage and strength to manipulate their position.


Crucifix wrestling showcases the control and dominance a wrestler can exert over their opponent. By understanding and implementing techniques like getting off your back, capitalizing on technical falls, and utilizing gut wrench wrestling, you can enhance your wrestling repertoire. Remember, mastering the art of crucifix wrestling requires practice, technique, and adaptability. Continuously honing your skills will enable you to become a well-rounded wrestler capable of escaping compromised positions, achieving decisive victories, and embracing the thrill of wrestling.

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wrestling of crucifix

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