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In the realm of wrestling, the term "fall" carries great significance. It represents a decisive victory achieved through various techniques and maneuvers. This article will explore different aspects of "fall" in wrestling, including technical falls, crucifix wrestling, snapdowns, gut wrenches, and frog splashes

What this article covers:

1. Technical Fall Wrestling:

A technical fall occurs when a wrestler accumulates a certain number of points, resulting in an automatic victory. The specific point margin required for a technical fall varies depending on the wrestling style and competition rules. In freestyle wrestling, for example, a technical fall is typically achieved when a wrestler establishes a lead of ten points or more over their opponent. This type of victory demonstrates a clear dominance over the opponent throughout the match.

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what is a tech fall in wrestling

2. Crucifix Wrestling: 

The crucifix is a wrestling technique that involves trapping both of your opponent's arms, rendering them immobile. By securing control of your opponent's arms and leveraging your body positioning, you restrict their ability to defend or escape. The crucifix is a powerful maneuver often employed to set up pinning combinations or scoring opportunities. Skilled wrestlers utilize variations of the crucifix to control their opponents and secure falls.

3. Snapdown Wrestling:

Snapdowns are explosive moves designed to force an opponent to the mat by swiftly pulling down on their head or neck. This technique is commonly employed when an opponent initiates an attack or attempts to gain control. By utilizing quick reflexes and leverage, a wrestler can execute a snapdown, gaining an advantageous position or setting up follow-up techniques such as takedowns or pinning combinations. Snapdowns are effective tools for initiating offensive maneuvers and potential falls.

4. Gut Wrench Wrestling:

The gut wrench is a technique used in wrestling to control an opponent on the ground and attempt to score points or secure a fall. It involves applying pressure to an opponent's torso, specifically targeting the midsection or "gut." By using leverage, strength, and body positioning, a wrestler can exert control, disrupt their opponent's balance, and potentially expose their back to the mat for a pinfall. Gut wrenches require technical precision and physical strength, making them formidable tools in a wrestler's arsenal.

5. Frog Splash Wrestling:

The frog splash is a high-flying maneuver commonly seen in professional wrestling. It involves a wrestler leaping from an elevated position, typically the top rope, and landing on an opponent lying on the mat. The impact of the frog splash aims to incapacitate the opponent and potentially secure a pinfall victory. While frog splashes are primarily associated with entertainment-based wrestling, their effectiveness and visual appeal make them noteworthy within the realm of falls in wrestling.


In wrestling, a "fall" represents a decisive victory achieved through technical skill, strategy, and execution. Whether through a technical fall, employing techniques such as the crucifix or snapdown, utilizing powerful moves like the gut wrench, or executing high-flying maneuvers like the frog splash, falls are the ultimate goal for wrestlers seeking dominance over their opponents. By mastering these techniques and adapting them to individual wrestling styles, wrestlers can strive for falls and assert their supremacy on the mat.

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what is a technical fall in wrestling

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