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Snapdown wrestling is an explosive and effective technique used to bring an opponent to the mat by swiftly pulling down on their head or neck. In this article, we will explore the art of snapdown wrestling while also providing insights into the abdominal stretch wrestling move, defending against arm bars, escaping from your back, understanding technical falls in wrestling, and the significance of technical fall victories.

What this article covers:

1. Snapdown Wrestling:

Snapdowns are dynamic moves employed in wrestling to gain control over an opponent by forcefully pulling down on their head or neck. The sudden downward motion disrupts their balance and positioning, creating openings for follow-up attacks or scoring opportunities. By executing well-timed snapdowns, wrestlers can gain control and dictate the pace of the match.

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wrestling snapdown

2. Abdominal Stretch Wrestling Move:

The abdominal stretch is a submission hold and wrestling maneuver where a wrestler applies pressure to their opponent's midsection and stretches their torso. It involves wrapping an arm around the opponent's neck and reaching across their body to secure their leg. To execute the abdominal stretch, wrestlers must maintain control, apply pressure, and leverage their own body weight to force their opponent into a compromising position.

3. Defending the Armbar in Wrestling:

When faced with an armbar, a wrestler must employ sound defensive techniques to prevent their opponent from hyperextending or submitting their arm. Here are a few strategies for defending against arm bars:

a) Hand Fighting: Maintain control of your hands and wrists to prevent your opponent from securing a tight grip and isolating your arm for the armbar.

b) Posture and Base: Maintain a strong posture and solid base, keeping your elbows tucked in and preventing your opponent from fully extending your arm.

c) Rolling Out: If caught in an armbar, roll out of the submission attempt by using explosive movements and maintaining constant motion to escape the hold.

4. Escaping Your Back in Wrestling:

Finding yourself on your back in wrestling puts you in a vulnerable position, as it increases the risk of giving up points or being pinned. Here are some techniques to help you escape:

a) Bridge and Roll: Initiate a bridge by elevating your hips off the mat, driving through your toes and shoulders. As you gain momentum, roll onto your side and continue the movement to escape your opponent's control.

b) Granby Roll: Use agility and constant movement to roll away from your opponent, creating separation and regaining a better position.

c) Switch: Change positions and reverse your opponent's grip by executing a quick switch. This technique enables you to escape their control and potentially initiate your own offense.

5. Understanding Falls in Wrestling and Technical Fall Wrestling:

In wrestling, a "fall" refers to a decisive victory achieved through techniques like pinning an opponent's shoulders to the mat for a specific duration or accumulating a substantial point lead. Falls represent the ultimate goal for wrestlers. A technical fall occurs when a wrestler establishes a significant point margin over their opponent, resulting in an automatic victory. Technical falls showcase a wrestler's dominance and skill, allowing them to secure a decisive win.


Snapdown wrestling provides wrestlers with an effective means of gaining control and dictating the flow of a match. By incorporating defensive strategies against arm bars, mastering techniques to escape from your back, and understanding the significance of falls in wrestling, athletes can elevate their performance. Technical falls, in particular, serve as a testament to a wrestler's dominance and skill. By honing snapdown techniques and complementing them with a well-rounded skill set, wrestlers can strive for victories while exhibiting their expertise on the mat.

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how to snap down in wrestling

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