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In the world of wrestling, the leg ride is a dominant technique that can provide wrestlers with a significant advantage on the mat. This article will delve into the intricacies of the wrestling leg ride, exploring various leg wrestling moves, the use of leg drops, effective defenses against the leg ride, and the purpose of leg slaps in wrestling.

What this article covers:

1. Leg Wrestling Moves:

Leg wrestling moves encompass a range of techniques that involve controlling your opponent's leg to gain an advantage. The leg ride is one such move that focuses on immobilizing your opponent while maintaining control. Here are a few common leg wrestling moves:

a) Power Half: The power half is a popular leg wrestling move where the top wrestler gains control of their opponent's leg and simultaneously uses their arm to secure a half-nelson on the same side. This combination applies significant pressure and can lead to scoring points or even a pin.

b) Turk: The turk is a versatile leg wrestling move where the top wrestler traps their opponent's leg while maneuvering their body to maintain control. This move can create opportunities for back exposure, tilts, or other scoring techniques.

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wrestling leg riding

2. Leg Drops in Wrestling:

Leg drops in wrestling are dynamic offensive moves that can catch opponents off guard and result in valuable points. These moves involve using the force of your legs to strike your opponent's body or head. Here are a couple of leg drop techniques:

a) Leg Lariat: The leg lariat is a high-impact move where a wrestler jumps into the air, extending one leg out to strike their opponent's upper body or head. Proper timing and execution are crucial for a successful leg lariat, as it can be a game-changer in a match.

b) Leg Whip: The leg whip is a technique that involves grabbing your opponent's leg and forcefully swinging it laterally or in a circular motion. This destabilizes your opponent's balance, potentially leading to a takedown. A leg whip requires a combination of strength, timing, and technique to be effective.

3. Defending the Leg Ride in Wrestling:

Effectively defending against the leg ride is crucial for maintaining control and preventing your opponent from scoring. Here are a few tips for defending against the leg ride:

a) Maintain a Solid Base: To defend against the leg ride, focus on maintaining a strong base and solid balance. This makes it harder for your opponent to control your legs and execute leg riding techniques.

b) Develop Leg Defense Techniques: Familiarize yourself with counter techniques such as leg pummeling, leg clearing, or leg counters. These moves can help you neutralize your opponent's leg ride attempts and regain control of the match.

c) Utilize Hand Fighting: Effective hand fighting can disrupt your opponent's leg ride. By controlling their hands and wrists, you limit their ability to secure leg rides and put you in vulnerable positions.

4. Leg Slap in Wrestling:

A leg slap is a term commonly used in professional wrestling, particularly in entertainment-based wrestling promotions. It refers to the act of a wrestler slapping their own thigh or leg during a strike or impact to create a loud sound effect, enhancing the perception of the move's impact. Leg slaps are primarily used to add theatrics and engage the audience, rather than being a fundamental component of wrestling techniques in traditional amateur wrestling.


The wrestling leg ride is a formidable technique that can give wrestlers a significant advantage on the mat. By mastering leg wrestling moves, understanding the use of leg drops, and developing effective defenses, you can become a well-rounded wrestler capable of controlling the match. While leg slaps may not be part of traditional amateur wrestling, they add an entertaining element to professional wrestling spectacles. So, keep honing. 

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leg riding wrestling

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