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In the realm of professional wrestling, few maneuvers command as much attention and instill as much fear as the Master Lock. This powerful wrestling move combines elements of the wrestling arm lock, the locked hands rule, the grapevine wrestling move, bearhug wrestling, and the wrestling headlock. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the Master Lock, its origin, execution, and the diverse techniques that contribute to its dominance in the ring. 

What this article covers:

Wrestling Arm Lock:

At the core of the Master Lock lies the wrestling arm lock, a technique used to immobilize an opponent's arm. By manipulating the arm into a vulnerable position and exerting pressure on the elbow joint, wrestlers can inflict pain and restrict the opponent's movement. The arm lock serves as a foundation for the subsequent application of the Master Lock.

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wrestling move of master lock

Locked Hands Rule:

The locked hands rule, enforced in certain wrestling competitions, limits a wrestler's ability to maintain a dominant position by restricting their ability to grip their opponent with both hands. However, the Master Lock cleverly maneuvers around this rule by utilizing the wrestler's own arms to create a powerful hold, exploiting the restrictions of the locked hands rule to their advantage.

Grapevine Wrestling Move:

To further enhance the effectiveness of the Master Lock, wrestlers often employ the grapevine wrestling move. This technique involves entwining the legs with the opponent's legs, effectively immobilizing them and limiting their ability to escape or counter. The grapevine move adds an extra layer of control and discomfort, intensifying the pressure applied by the Master Lock.

Bearhug Wrestling:

The bearhug, a classic wrestling move, plays a significant role in the execution of the Master Lock. This maneuver involves wrapping both arms tightly around the opponent's torso, exerting pressure and restricting their breathing. By employing a bearhug in combination with the arm lock, wrestlers can weaken their opponents, rendering them more susceptible to the devastating effects of the Master Lock.

Wrestling Headlock: 

While the primary focus of the Master Lock lies in the arms and torso, the influence of the wrestling headlock should not be overlooked. By securing the opponent's head under their arm, wrestlers can control their movement, limit their options, and further amplify the discomfort caused by the Master Lock. The headlock adds an element of psychological and physical domination to the maneuver.

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wrestling move master lock

The Master Lock represents the epitome of dominance and control in professional wrestling. By incorporating elements from the wrestling arm lock, locked hands rule, grapevine wrestling move, bearhug wrestling, and wrestling headlock, this maneuver overwhelms opponents with pain, restriction, and psychological pressure. The execution of the Master Lock demands exceptional skill, timing, and strength from the wrestler, showcasing their ability to impose their will upon their opponents. When the Master Lock is applied, the audience is left in awe of the wrestler's mastery of these techniques and their ability to dictate the outcome of the match.

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