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The wrestling headlock is a popular grappling technique used in the sport of wrestling. It involves wrapping one's arm around an opponent's head and applying pressure to their neck, often resulting in a submission or a pin. However, the headlock is just one of many wrestling locks that wrestlers can use to gain an advantage over their opponents.

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Bearhug wrestling is another common wrestling lock. It involves wrapping one's arms around an opponent's torso and squeezing tightly, putting pressure on the ribs and potentially causing the opponent to submit or lose their breath. This technique is often used to tire out opponents or set up a takedown.


Keylock wrestling, also known as a kimura, is a submission hold that targets the shoulder joint. It involves locking an opponent's arm behind their back and applying pressure to their shoulder, potentially causing injury or forcing a submission. This technique is often used in mixed martial arts competitions, but can also be effective in wrestling.

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headlock wrestling


Ankle lock wrestling targets the ankle joint and involves twisting or bending an opponent's foot in a way that puts pressure on the ankle. This technique can be difficult to execute, as opponents may try to counter it by shifting their weight or using their other leg to defend against the lock.


Finally, wrestling arm locks involve manipulating an opponent's arm in a way that causes pain or pressure, potentially leading to a submission or pin. These locks can be executed from a variety of positions, such as from the top or bottom of a wrestling match.

While these locks can be effective in gaining an advantage in wrestling matches, they should be used with caution, as they can also cause injury if executed improperly. It is important for wrestlers to train with experienced coaches and to always prioritize safety and proper technique.

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headlock in wrestling

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