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In professional wrestling, flying moves refer to the high-flying maneuvers that wrestlers use to launch themselves off the top rope or turnbuckle and land on their opponent. These moves can be spectacular to watch and are often a crowd favorite. In this article, we'll explore the different types of flying moves used in pro wrestling and how they can be executed effectively.

What this article covers:

Wrestling Techniques:

Flying moves are wrestling techniques require a combination of strength, agility, and balance to execute effectively. These moves can be performed in a variety of ways, including flips, jumps, and spins. Some common flying moves include the diving crossbody, the moonsault, and the shooting star press. To perform these moves, wrestlers must first climb the turnbuckle or the top rope and then launch themselves towards their opponent.

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Best Wrestling Finishers:

Flying moves can also be used as finishers, or moves that are used to secure a win in a match. Some of the most popular flying wrestling finishers include the frog splash, the 450 splash, and the top rope elbow drop. These moves can be devastating when executed correctly and can often end a match in a spectacular fashion.

Catch Wrestling Techniques:

While flying moves are often associated with high-flying wrestlers, catch wrestlers can also incorporate these techniques into their arsenal. Catch wrestling emphasizes grappling and submission techniques, but wrestlers who incorporate flying moves can add an element of surprise to their attacks. Some catch wrestling flying moves include the flying armbar, the flying triangle choke, and the flying guillotine choke.

Wrestling Tie Ups:

Wrestling Tie ups are critical to executing flying moves effectively. Wrestlers must first establish a strong tie up with their opponent, which allows them to maintain control and set up their move. The most common tie up used in flying moves is the collar and elbow tie up, where one wrestler grips their opponent's collar and the other grips their elbow. This tie up allows wrestlers to maneuver their opponent and set up their move.

Wrestling Moves Tilts:

While flying moves are primarily used in high-flying wrestling styles, they can also be used in traditional wrestling styles. For example, a wrestler may use a flying crossbody or a flying elbow drop as a wrestling tilt move to turn their opponent onto their back and score points. These moves require precision and timing, but can be effective when executed correctly.

In conclusion, flying moves are an exciting and dynamic aspect of professional wrestling. These moves require strength, agility, and balance to execute effectively, and can be used as both regular moves and finishers. Catch wrestlers can also incorporate flying moves into their arsenal to add an element of surprise to their attacks. Tie ups and timing are critical to executing these moves effectively, and wrestlers must practice these techniques to incorporate them into their game plan.

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