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Professional wrestling is a sport that requires a combination of physical strength, agility, and technique. The flying drop, also known as the flying elbow drop, is a popular wrestling move that involves leaping from the ropes and landing an elbow onto the opponent's chest or head. In this article, we will discuss the flying drop and several other wrestling moves, including the piledriver, RKO, butcher, spladle wrestling move and guillotine.

What this article covers:


The flying drop is a high-risk move that requires a great deal of skill and timing to execute properly. Wrestlers must carefully time their leap from the ropes in order to land the elbow with maximum impact. This move is often used as a finishing move, as it can be highly effective in securing a pinfall.

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wrestling flying drop


The piledriver is a dangerous move that involves lifting an opponent and driving their head into the mat. Due to the potential for serious injury, this move is often banned in many wrestling organizations. However, it remains a popular and iconic move, often used as a signature move by wrestlers such as The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin.


The RKO, also known as the Diamond Cutter, is a popular finishing move that involves grabbing the opponent's head and dropping them onto the mat. The move is named after wrestler Randy Orton, who popularized the move in the early 2000s. The RKO has become one of the most iconic finishing moves in wrestling and is often imitated by other wrestlers.


The butcher is a powerbomb variation that involves lifting an opponent up onto one's shoulders before dropping them onto their back. This move requires a great deal of strength and technique to execute properly, and is a crowd favorite due to its impressive and powerful appearance.


One popular wrestling move is the spladle, which is a pinning combination that involves wrapping one leg around an opponent's leg and the other leg around their head. The wrestler then uses their body weight to force the opponent onto their back, making it difficult for them to escape.


The guillotine is a submission hold that targets the opponent's neck. The wrestler wraps their arm around the opponent's neck and applies pressure, causing the opponent to tap out or lose consciousness. This move can be dangerous if not executed correctly, so it is important for wrestlers to receive proper training before attempting it.

In conclusion, the flying drop is just one of many exciting wrestling moves that require skill and technique to execute properly. The piledriver, RKO, butcher, and guillotine are all popular moves that have become staples of professional wrestling. While some of these moves are controversial and potentially dangerous, they are all a part of the rich and diverse history of this sport. Wrestlers must constantly work to improve their technique and master these moves in order to succeed in the ring.

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pro wrestling flying drop