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The wrestling oil check move, also known as the butt drag, is a controversial move that involves sticking a finger or fingers into an opponent's anus. This move is considered highly inappropriate and is banned in many wrestling promotions.

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One popular wrestling move is the spladle, which is a pinning combination that involves wrapping one leg around an opponent's leg and the other leg around their head. The wrestler then uses their body weight to force the opponent onto their back, making it difficult for them to escape.

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wrestling move oil check


The piledriver wrestling move, as mentioned in the previous prompt, is a dangerous move that involves lifting an opponent and driving their head into the mat. Due to the potential for serious injury, this move is often banned in many wrestling organizations.


Another popular wrestling move is the RKO, which was popularized by wrestler Randy Orton. The RKO involves grabbing an opponent by the neck and then dropping to the mat, causing the opponent's head to slam into the mat. Like the piledriver, the RKO can be a highly dangerous move, and should only be performed by trained professionals.


The guillotine wrestling move is a submission hold that targets the opponent's neck. The wrestler wraps their arm around the opponent's neck and applies pressure, causing the opponent to tap out or lose consciousness. This move can be dangerous if not executed correctly, so it is important for wrestlers to receive proper training before attempting it.


In wrestling, a reversal in wrestling is a move that allows a wrestler to escape from a hold or pinning combination and gain an advantageous position over their opponent. Reversals require skill and quick thinking, and can often turn the tide of a match.

In conclusion, wrestling is a challenging and physically demanding sport that requires a combination of skill, strength, and strategy. While some moves, like the piledriver, are controversial and potentially dangerous, there are many other moves and techniques that are more widely accepted and practiced. Wrestlers must always prioritize safety and sportsmanship, while also striving to master the technical aspects of the sport to become successful in their matches.

Now you can learn from the Askren Brothers and their decades of wrestling knowledge at FanaticWrestling.com!

move wrestling oil check

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