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In the world of professional wrestling, the leg slap is a technique used to enhance the impact of moves and engage the audience. This article aims to shed light on what a leg slap is in wrestling, while also exploring leg wrestling moves, wrestling leg rides, leg drops, and effective defensive strategies against the leg ride. 

What this article covers:

1. Leg Slap in Wrestling:

A leg slap is a commonly employed technique in professional wrestling, particularly in entertainment-based promotions. During a strike or impact, a wrestler intentionally slaps their own thigh or leg to create a loud sound effect. The primary purpose of a leg slap is to enhance the perception of the move's impact, making it appear more forceful and dramatic for the spectators. It adds an element of theatrics and excitement to the performance. It is important to note that leg slaps are more prevalent in entertainment-focused wrestling rather than traditional amateur wrestling.

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2. Leg Wrestling Moves:

Leg wrestling moves revolve around using the legs to gain an advantage over an opponent. Let's explore a couple of common leg wrestling moves:

a) Leg Lariat: The leg lariat is an impactful move where a wrestler jumps into the air, extending one leg to strike their opponent's upper body or head. This technique requires precise timing, agility, and coordination to execute effectively. Leg lariats can have a significant impact on a match's momentum.

b) Leg Whip: A leg whip involves forcefully swinging your opponent's leg in a lateral or circular motion. By destabilizing your opponent's balance, this move can create opportunities for takedowns or transitions into other techniques. Executing a leg whip effectively requires strength, timing, and proper technique.

3. Wrestling Leg Rides:

Wrestling leg rides are strategic maneuvers aimed at controlling and immobilizing opponents using the legs. Let's take a closer look at leg rides:

a) Cross Body Ride: In a cross body ride, a wrestler wraps their arm around their opponent's leg while maintaining a parallel position. By exerting pressure and leveraging their body weight, the wrestler can control their opponent's movements, score points, or even attempt a pin.

b) Spiral Ride: The spiral ride involves positioning oneself diagonally behind the opponent. By securing control of the leg and using body positioning, the wrestler can maintain control, keep their opponent off balance, and create opportunities for scoring.

4. Leg Drops in Wrestling:

Leg drops are impactful offensive moves that can catch opponents off guard and lead to valuable points. Here are two common leg drop techniques:

a) Leg Lariat: The leg lariat, as mentioned earlier, involves jumping into the air and striking the opponent's upper body or head with an extended leg. A well-executed leg lariat can turn the tide of a match and potentially secure a victory.

b) Leg Whip: Similar to the leg whip mentioned earlier as a leg wrestling move, a leg whip in the context of leg drops involves forcefully swinging the leg to strike the opponent's body. This move relies on generating momentum to deliver a powerful blow.

5. Defending the Leg Ride in Wrestling:

Effectively defending against the leg ride is crucial for maintaining control and preventing opponents from scoring. Here are a few defensive strategies to consider:

a) Solid Base and Balance: Maintaining a strong base and solid balance is key to defending against the leg ride. By establishing stability, you make it more challenging for your opponent to control your legs and execute leg wrestling moves.

b) Leg Defense Techniques: Practice leg defense techniques such as leg pummeling, leg clearing, or counters designed to neutralize leg ride attempts. These moves help you regain control and create opportunities for counterattacks.

c) Hand Fighting

Engaging in effective hand fighting can disrupt your opponent's leg ride attempts. By controlling their hands and wrists, you limit their ability to secure leg rides and manipulate your positioning.


Understanding the purpose of leg slaps in wrestling adds to the spectacle and excitement of the sport, particularly in professional and entertainment-based wrestling promotions. Alongside leg wrestling moves, wrestling leg rides, and leg drops, leg slaps contribute to the theatricality and engagement of the audience. Meanwhile, mastering defensive strategies against the leg ride is crucial for maintaining control on the mat. By honing your skills, developing effective defenses, and adding variety to your repertoire, you can become a formidable wrestler capable of captivating the crowd.

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