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Submission moves are an integral part of the world of wrestling, providing athletes with the means to control and overcome their opponents. These techniques require a combination of technical skill, leverage, and timing to immobilize and force an adversary into submission. In this piece, we will explore various wrestling submission moves, including home submission wrestling, the can opener in wrestling, the kimura wrestling move, the banana split wrestling move, and catch wrestling submissions

What this article covers:

Home Submission Wrestling:

Home submission wrestling refers to the practice of wrestling submission moves in a non-competitive setting, such as training at home or in informal environments. This allows wrestlers to refine their skills, experiment with variations, and deepen their understanding of the art. Home submission wrestling serves as an avenue for continuous improvement and exploration, fostering a deeper connection to the techniques and strategies employed in wrestling.

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 submission wrestling moves

The Can Opener in Wrestling:

The can opener is a submission move that targets the opponent's neck and upper body. By applying pressure to the head and neck while maintaining control, wrestlers can impose discomfort and create openings for further attacks. The can opener showcases the importance of leverage and control in wrestling, allowing practitioners to assert dominance and force their opponents to submit.

The Kimura Wrestling Move:

The kimura is a highly effective submission move used in wrestling and other grappling arts. By isolating the opponent's arm and manipulating the shoulder joint, wrestlers can apply excruciating pressure, forcing their opponent to tap out. The kimura requires precise technique and control over the opponent's body, demonstrating the artistry and finesse involved in executing a successful submission move.

The Banana Split Wrestling Move:

The banana split is a visually striking submission move that targets the groin and hips of the opponent. By controlling the opponent's legs and applying leverage, wrestlers stretch their adversary to the limit, inflicting intense pain and potentially forcing a submission. This unorthodox technique in wrestling showcases the versatility and creativity within the sport, often taking opponents by surprise with its sudden application and the sheer discomfort it causes.

Catch Wrestling Submissions:

Catch wrestling is renowned for its emphasis on submission holds and grappling techniques. This discipline offers a diverse range of submissions, including joint locks, chokes, and various other holds, all designed to immobilize opponents and secure victories. Catch wrestling submissions require a deep understanding of leverage, anatomy, and timing, allowing wrestlers to exploit weaknesses and gain control over their adversaries.

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submission wrestling holds

Wrestling submission moves play a crucial role in the sport, providing wrestlers with the ability to gain control, neutralize opponents, and secure victories. From the practice of home submission wrestling to the implementation of specific moves such as the can opener, kimura, and banana split, wrestlers showcase their technical finesse, control, and ability to force opponents into submission. Catch wrestling submissions, with their emphasis on joint locks, chokes, and various holds, exemplify the effectiveness and versatility within the art. Through continuous practice and study, wrestlers refine their skills in these submission moves, ultimately displaying the mastery and artistry that defines the world of wrestling.

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