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Wrestling takedowns are one of the fundamental aspects of the sport. A wrestler's ability to take down their opponent can often be the deciding factor in a match. There are many different types of takedowns in wrestling, each with their own advantages and techniques. In this piece, we will cover some of the most common and effective takedowns used by wrestlers, including the single leg takedown, the fireman carry, spear wrestling move, slide by, and advanced wrestling takedowns.

What this article covers:

Single Leg Takedown:

The single leg takedown is one of the most basic and effective takedowns in wrestling. It involves grabbing one of your opponent's legs and lifting it up while driving your shoulder into their thigh to take them down to the mat. To execute the single leg takedown properly, you need to shoot in on your opponent's lead leg, get your head and shoulder to the outside of their leg, and then lift their leg up while driving forward with your own body. The single leg takedown is a versatile move that can be used from a variety of setups, including the collar tie, the Russian tie, and the underhook.

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Fireman Carry:

The fireman carry is a flashy but effective takedown that involves flipping your opponent over your shoulder and onto the mat. To execute the fireman carry, you need to get your opponent's arm across their body and over your shoulder, and then lift them up and over using your own momentum. The fireman carry is a high-risk, high-reward move that can catch your opponent off guard and lead to a quick victory if executed properly.

Spear Wrestling Move:

The spear wrestling move is a powerful takedown that involves driving your shoulder into your opponent's midsection and lifting them up and slamming them down onto the mat. To execute the spear, you need to shoot in on your opponent and drive your shoulder into their midsection while wrapping your arms around their waist. Once you have them lifted up, you can use your own momentum to drive them down to the mat with force. The spear is a risky move that requires a lot of strength and explosiveness, but it can be devastating if executed properly.

Slide By:

The slide by wrestling move is a quick and sneaky takedown that involves slipping past your opponent's defense and taking them down from the side. To execute the slide by, you need to fake a shot to your opponent's lead leg, and then step to the side and grab their opposite leg. Once you have their leg, you can use your momentum to take them down to the mat. The slide by is a low-risk, high-reward move that can catch your opponent off guard and lead to a quick victory.

Advanced Wrestling Takedowns:

In addition to the basic takedowns, there are also many advanced takedowns used by experienced wrestlers. These include moves like the duck under, the ankle pick, the high crotch, and the double leg. These takedowns require a lot of skill and practice to execute properly, but they can be incredibly effective in the right situations. 

In conclusion, wrestling takedowns are a crucial aspect of the sport that can make the difference between winning and losing a match. By mastering a variety of takedowns, wrestlers can become more versatile and effective in their attacks, and increase their chances of success on the mat. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wrestler, practicing these takedowns and incorporating them into your game plan can help you become a more well-rounded and successful competitor.

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wrestling takedowns list

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