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In the world of wrestling, defending against the leg ride is crucial for maintaining control, preventing scoring opportunities, and turning the tide in your favor. This article will delve into effective strategies for defending against the leg ride while exploring leg wrestling moves, wrestling leg rides, leg drops in wrestling, and the role of leg slaps in wrestling

What this article covers:

1. Leg Wrestling Moves:

Leg wrestling moves encompass a variety of techniques that involve utilizing the legs to gain an advantage over your opponent. While defending against leg wrestling moves is important, understanding them can also inform your defensive strategies. Here are a couple of common leg wrestling moves:

a) Leg Lariat: The leg lariat is a powerful move where a wrestler jumps into the air, extending one leg to strike their opponent's upper body or head. When defending against this move, focus on evasive footwork, maintaining distance, and countering with quick counterattacks.

b) Leg Whip: The leg whip involves forcefully swinging your opponent's leg in a lateral or circular motion. To defend against a leg whip, anticipate the movement, maintain a solid base, and utilize effective hand control to disrupt your opponent's grip and balance.

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 how to defend leg ride wrestling

2. Wrestling Leg Rides:

Wrestling leg rides are techniques that aim to control and immobilize your opponent by utilizing their legs. Defending against leg rides requires a combination of skill, balance, and anticipation. Let's explore a couple of leg ride variations:

a) Cross Body Ride: In the cross body ride, your opponent wraps their arm around your leg while maintaining a parallel position. To defend against this ride, focus on maintaining a strong base, utilizing hip and leg movement to disrupt your opponent's control, and countering with escapes or reversals.

b) Spiral Ride: The spiral ride involves your opponent positioning themselves diagonally behind you, securing control of your leg and utilizing body positioning to maintain control. To defend against a spiral ride, focus on hand control, hip movement, and maintaining a solid base to prevent your opponent from establishing control and disrupting their balance.

3. Leg Drops in Wrestling:

Leg drops are impactful offensive moves that can catch you off guard and potentially lead to scoring points or even a pin. When defending against leg drops, consider the following strategies:

a) Anticipate and React: Watch for cues and anticipate the leg drop, enabling you to react quickly and evade the strike. This can involve moving out of the way, utilizing evasive footwork, or countering with your own offensive techniques.

b) Establish Solid Positioning: Maintain a strong base and solid balance to minimize the impact of a leg drop. By staying grounded and having a stable foundation, you can absorb the force of the leg drop more effectively.

4. Leg Slaps in Wrestling:

Leg slaps are techniques commonly used in professional wrestling, particularly in entertainment-based promotions, to enhance the impact of strikes or moves. While they don't directly relate to defending against leg rides, it's worth noting their purpose and effect. Leg slaps create a loud sound effect when a wrestler strikes their own thigh or leg, adding theatrics and engaging the audience.


Defending against the leg ride in wrestling requires a combination of technique, anticipation, and solid positioning. By understanding leg wrestling moves, such as leg lariats and leg whips, you can better anticipate and counter your opponent's attacks. Meanwhile, familiarizing yourself with leg rides, such as the cross body ride and spiral ride, allows you to develop effective defensive strategies. Remember to maintain a strong base, utilize hand control, and employ quick reactions to counter leg drops effectively. While leg slaps are primarily associated with entertainment-based wrestling, they add an element of theatrics to the sport. By mastering defensive techniques and
expanding your arsenal, you can become a well-rounded wrestler capable of nullifying the leg ride and seizing control of the match.

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how to defend legs in wrestling

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