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Judo throws, originating from the martial art of judo, have found their place within the realm of professional wrestling, adding a unique dimension to the sport. These throws showcase a fusion of technique, timing, and power, allowing wrestlers to manipulate their opponents' momentum and balance. Let's explore the artistry of judo throws while also examining other notable wrestling throws, including the suplex, UFO, power drive, and brain buster.

What this article covers:

Judo Throws: Exploiting Momentum and Balance

Judo throws are based on the principles of using an opponent's momentum and balance against them to execute a powerful throw. These techniques require precise timing, skillful execution, and an understanding of leverage to effectively bring opponents to the ground. Wrestlers who incorporate judo throws into their repertoire often bring an added element of surprise and diversity to their matches.

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judo throws in wrestling

Suplex Wrestling Move: The Classic Display of Power

The suplex is a classic wrestling move that involves lifting an opponent off the ground and throwing them backward, causing them to land on their back. While not originally derived from judo, the suplex shares similarities with judo throws in terms of utilizing leverage and exploiting an opponent's balance.

The suplex showcases a wrestler's raw power and ability to execute seamless transitions from holding to throwing. Variations such as the vertical suplex or the German suplex, which involves bridging the back during the throw, further emphasize the display of strength and technique.

UFO Wrestling Move: Aerial Acrobatics and Agility

The UFO wrestling move introduces innovation and acrobatics into the ring, captivating audiences with its breathtaking display of strength and agility. Although not directly related to judo, the UFO shares the concept of utilizing momentum and balance to execute a dynamic maneuver.

In the UFO, the wrestler spins their opponent around on their shoulders while maintaining a vertical position. This move defies gravity and showcases the wrestler's exceptional upper body strength, balance, and coordination. It adds an element of spectacle and excitement to the match, leaving spectators in awe of the wrestler's athleticism.

Power Drive Wrestling Move: Dominance and Impact

The power drive is a wrestling move that emphasizes dominance and impact. While it may not have direct roots in judo, the power drive demonstrates a wrestler's ability to control their opponent's body and execute a forceful slam.

In this maneuver, the wrestler lifts their opponent onto their shoulders, holds them in a seated position, and drives them forcefully into the mat. The power drive demands a combination of strength, control, and precision to deliver a safe yet impactful slam. It serves as a visually striking moment in a match, asserting the wrestler's dominance over their adversary.

Brain Buster Wrestling Move: Precision and Risk-Taking

The brain buster is a wrestling move that requires precision and calculated risk. Although not directly derived from judo, the brain buster shares elements of controlled body manipulation and emphasizes the safety of both wrestlers involved.
During the brain buster, the wrestler lifts their opponent onto their shoulders and drops them head-first onto the mat. Executing this move safely demands meticulous control and consideration for the well-being of both wrestlers. It showcases a wrestler's ability to take calculated risks while prioritizing the safety of their opponent.

JUDO THROWS FROM WRESTLING TIES from Patrick Spano and FanaticWrestling.com!

can you judo throw in wrestling

In conclusion, judo throws bring a unique flavor to the world of professional wrestling, showcasing a fusion of technique, timing, and power. While other wrestling moves such as the suplex, UFO, power drive, and brain buster may not directly stem from judo, they share common elements of balance, leverage, and controlled manipulation. The incorporation of these moves into wrestling matches adds excitement, diversity, and strategic depth to the sport, captivating audiences worldwide.

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