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Frog splash wrestling is a visually captivating move that combines athleticism, precision, and high-impact action. In this article, we will delve into the world of frog splash wrestling, while also exploring the significance of falls in wrestling, the art of crucifix holds, the concept of technical falls, the effectiveness of snapdowns, and the power of gut wrench wrestling.

What this article covers:

1. Falls in Wrestling:

In wrestling, a fall represents a decisive victory achieved through various means, such as pinning an opponent's shoulders to the mat for a specific duration or accumulating a substantial point lead. Falls are the ultimate goal for wrestlers, demonstrating control and dominance over their opponent. Understanding falls is essential to appreciating the stakes and excitement within the sport.

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frog splash wrestling move

2. Crucifix Holds:

Crucifix holds are powerful wrestling techniques used to immobilize an opponent by trapping both of their arms. By securing one arm across their body and using your own arm to control their other arm, you restrict their movement and limit their defensive options. Crucifix holds can set up pinning combinations or create scoring opportunities, contributing to the pursuit of falls in wrestling.

3. Technical Falls in Wrestling:

Technical falls occur when a wrestler establishes a significant point lead over their opponent, resulting in an automatic victory. The required point margin for a technical fall may vary depending on the wrestling style and competition rules. Technical falls demonstrate a wrestler's superior skill and dominance throughout the match, often serving as an impressive display of their abilities.

4. Snapdown Wrestling: 

Snapdowns are explosive moves employed in wrestling to bring an opponent to the mat by forcefully pulling down on their head or neck. Snapdowns enable wrestlers to gain control and initiate scoring opportunities. By capitalizing on an opponent's movements and utilizing snapdowns effectively, wrestlers can gain an advantage and create openings for further offensive maneuvers.

5. Gut Wrench Wrestling:

Gut wrench wrestling involves applying pressure to an opponent's midsection or "gut" to control their position and potentially expose their back for a pinfall. Through leveraging strength, technique, and body positioning, wrestlers can manipulate their opponent's balance and create scoring opportunities. Gut wrench techniques contribute to the pursuit of falls in wrestling and showcase a wrestler's control and dominance.

6. Frog Splash Wrestling:

Frog splash wrestling is a dynamic and visually stunning move often seen in professional wrestling. It involves a wrestler leaping from an elevated position, such as the top rope, and landing on an opponent lying on the mat. Although primarily associated with entertainment-based wrestling, frog splashes showcase the spectacle and high-impact nature of the sport. While not directly related to falls, the visual appeal and potential for securing a pinfall make frog splashes a thrilling maneuver to witness.


Frog splash wrestling adds excitement and spectacle to the world of wrestling, showcasing the athleticism and showmanship of the competitors. While falls serve as the ultimate victory in wrestling, understanding the various techniques and strategies associated with the sport is vital. From the immobilizing crucifix holds to the dominance demonstrated through technical falls, snapdowns, and gut wrench wrestling, wrestlers employ a diverse range of skills to achieve success in their pursuit of falls. Whether executing a jaw-dropping frog splash or employing other techniques, wrestlers continue to captivate audiences and demonstrate their prowess within the ring.

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wrestling move frog splash

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