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Freestyle wrestling is a dynamic and versatile discipline that allows for a wide range of attacks, combining elements from various wrestling styles. Drawing inspiration from folkstyle, Greco-Roman, and Japanese wrestling, freestyle wrestling offers a thrilling showcase of technique, agility, and adaptability. In this article, we explore the world of freestyle wrestling, highlighting its unique moves while examining the influences of folkstyle, Greco-Roman, and Japanese techniques. Get ready to uncover the excitement and diversity that define freestyle wrestling.

What this article covers:

Freestyle Wrestling Moves: 

Freestyle wrestling showcases an extensive repertoire of moves designed to score points and secure victories. Here are some notable freestyle wrestling moves:

1. Fireman's Carry: The fireman's carry is a versatile move where the wrestler lifts the opponent onto their shoulders from a standing position. By wrapping an arm around the opponent's waist and driving forward, the wrestler executes a powerful takedown.

2. Ankle Pick: The ankle pick is a quick and effective move where the wrestler reaches down and grabs the opponent's ankle, pulling it out from under them while simultaneously driving forward to secure the takedown.

3. Duck Under: The duck under is a technique used to create angles and execute takedowns. The wrestler ducks under the opponent's arm during a tie-up, transitioning to their back or finding opportunities for takedowns from behind.

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Folkstyle Wrestling Moves: 

Folkstyle wrestling, popular in the United States, emphasizes control and pinning an opponent. While differing in rules, folkstyle wrestling has influenced certain moves in freestyle wrestling. Here are some notable folkstyle wrestling moves:

1. Single Leg Takedown: The single leg takedown involves shooting in on one of the opponent's legs, driving the shoulder into their midsection to lift and off-balance them, ultimately taking them down to the mat.

2. Double Leg Takedown: The double leg takedown requires driving into both of the opponent's legs, utilizing the shoulder and arm to lift and drive them down to the mat.

3. Sprawl: The sprawl is a defensive technique used to counter an opponent's takedown attempt. By sprawling the legs back while driving the hips down, the wrestler prevents the opponent from gaining control.

Greco-Roman Wrestling Moves: 

Greco-Roman wrestling, renowned for its focus on upper body techniques, plays a significant role in shaping certain moves in freestyle wrestling. Here are some notable Greco-Roman wrestling moves:

1. Gut Wrench: The gut wrench is a powerful move where the wrestler controls the opponent's upper body, often from a clinch position, and applies pressure to their midsection, twisting and destabilizing them to gain points or secure a pin.

2. Suplex Variations: Greco-Roman wrestling features various suplex variations, including the belly-to-back and belly-to-belly suplexes. These moves involve lifting and throwing the opponent backward, aiming to land them on their back for a pinfall victory.

Japanese Wrestling Moves: 

Japanese wrestling, known as Puroresu, combines elements of American professional wrestling with traditional Japanese styles, contributing unique moves to freestyle wrestling. Here are some notable Japanese wrestling moves:

1. Strong Style Strikes: Japanese wrestling emphasizes hard-hitting strikes, including forearm smashes, chops, kicks, and knee strikes. While not as prevalent in freestyle, incorporating striking techniques can add flair and surprise elements to a wrestler's arsenal.

2. Suplex Variations: Japan's

Wrestling styles showcase a variety of suplex variations, such as the German suplex, dragon suplex, and tiger suplex. These high-impact throws, adapted to freestyle, allow wrestlers to showcase their agility and athleticism while executing takedowns.


Freestyle wrestling embodies a dynamic blend of technique, agility, and creativity, drawing influences from folkstyle, Greco-Roman, and Japanese wrestling styles. With its emphasis on versatile takedowns, freestyle wrestling offers an exhilarating platform for wrestlers to showcase their skills. By mastering moves like the fireman's carry, ankle pick, and duck under, wrestlers can navigate the mat with finesse and precision. Drawing inspiration from the foundations of folkstyle, the upper body dominance of Greco-Roman, and the flair of Japanese wrestling, freestyle wrestling encapsulates the essence of a thrilling and diverse sport. Embrace the versatility and adaptability of freestyle wrestling, and let your skills shine as you navigate the exhilarating world of the wrestling mat.

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