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Wrestling is a sport rich in technique, strategy, and physicality. From the traditional folkstyle wrestling to the dynamic styles of Greco-Roman, freestyle, and Japan wrestling, each discipline has its unique set of moves and tactics. In this article, we will explore the fundamental moves and techniques associated with each style. Let's dive into the world of wrestling! 

What this article covers:

Folkstyle Wrestling Moves:

Folkstyle wrestling, also known as collegiate wrestling, is popular in the United States. It emphasizes controlling and pinning an opponent to the mat. Here are some common folkstyle wrestling moves:

1. Single Leg Takedown: In this move, the wrestler shoots in on one leg of the opponent, driving their shoulder into the opponent's midsection to lift and off-balance them, ultimately taking them down to the mat.

2. Double Leg Takedown: This move involves driving into both of the opponent's legs, utilizing the wrestler's shoulder and arm to lift and drive them down to the mat.

3. High Crotch: The high crotch is a technique where the wrestler steps to the outside of the opponent's leg, reaching high between their legs, and secures a grip to lift and finish the takedown.

4. Sprawl: The sprawl is a defensive technique used to counter an opponent's takedown attempt. It involves sprawling the legs back while driving the hips down, preventing the opponent from gaining control.

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folkstyle wrestling move

Greco-Roman Wrestling Moves:

Greco-Roman wrestling is characterized by its focus on upper body techniques and prohibiting attacks below the waist. Here are some common Greco-Roman wrestling moves:

1. Gut Wrench: The gut wrench is a powerful move where the wrestler controls the opponent's upper body, often from a clinch position, and applies pressure to their midsection to twist and destabilize them.

2. Suplex: A suplex is a dynamic move where the wrestler lifts their opponent off the mat, usually by grabbing around their waist, and throws them backward, aiming to land them on their back.

3. Arm Throw: This move involves using an opponent's arm as leverage to throw them to the mat. The wrestler grips the arm and uses their own body movement to generate force and execute the throw.

4. Body Lock: The body lock is a technique where the wrestler wraps their arms around the opponent's body, securing a tight grip, and utilizes their upper body strength to control and manipulate their opponent.

Freestyle Wrestling Moves:

Freestyle wrestling allows both upper and lower body attacks and focuses on takedowns and exposure for points. Here are some common freestyle wrestling moves:

1. Fireman's Carry: In this move, the wrestler lifts their opponent onto their shoulders from a standing position, often by wrapping an arm around their waist and driving forward to bring them down to the mat.

2. Ankle Pick: The ankle pick involves swiftly reaching down and grabbing the opponent's ankle, using a quick pull and drive to take them off balance and execute the takedown.

3. Duck Under: The duck under is a move where the wrestler ducks under the opponent's arm, typically during a tie-up, to create an angle and take their back or execute a takedown from behind.

4. Front Headlock: The front headlock is a technique used to control an opponent's head and arm, often from a standing position. The wrestler uses their grip and leverage to maneuver the opponent and create scoring opportunities.

Japan Wrestling Moves:

Japan wrestling, also known as "Puroresu," is a professional wrestling style popular in Japan. It combines elements of American professional wrestling and Japanese traditional styles. Here are some
common Japan wrestling moves:

1. Strong Style Strikes: Japan wrestling emphasizes hard-hitting strikes, including forearm smashes, chops, kicks, and knee strikes, to wear down opponents and create dramatic moments.

2. Suplex Variations: Japan wrestling incorporates various suplex variations, such as the German suplex, dragon suplex, and tiger suplex, showcasing the wrestler's agility and strength in throwing their opponent.

3. High-Flying Moves: Puroresu often includes high-flying maneuvers like the diving crossbody, missile dropkick, or top-rope moonsault. These aerial moves add excitement and spectacle to the matches.

4. Submissions: Japan wrestling showcases a wide array of submission holds and techniques, including intricate joint locks, chokes, and ground-based grappling maneuvers, adding a technical aspect to the matches.


Wrestling encompasses a variety of styles, each with its own set of moves and techniques. Whether it's the control and pinning focus of folkstyle, the upper body emphasis of Greco-Roman, the dynamic takedowns of freestyle, or the unique blend of Japan wrestling, each style offers its own exciting and strategic elements. Embrace the intricacies of each style, practice diligently, and seek guidance from experienced coaches to expand your wrestling repertoire. Remember, the key to success lies in mastering the fundamentals and adapting them to your own style and strengths on the wrestling mat.

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folkstyle wrestling technique

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