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Always Be Attackin’ with Pat Downey

Always Be Attackin’ with Pat Downey


Times are tough right now. It can be easy to get lost and overwhelmed with everything that is going on in the world today. If you have ever suffered an injury and couldn’t train how you are used to it can feel like familiar territory. BUT any great athlete will tell you that sport is as much mental as it is physical. So what can you do to stay mentally in the game?

A positive way to spend your time away from the mat, is to study some of the best wrestlers in the game. One of those wrestlers is Pat Downey. Pat brings an aggressive approach to the mat that few can match. 

Downey, an 2020 Olympic hopeful, has been keeping busy with his wrestling schedule. Not only is Pat a brutal tactiction in competition, he also has a unique approach to teaching. Pat currently has two instructionals with Fanatic Wrestling. The Air Downey System and Unorthodox High Percentage Offense are two jam-packed instructionals where Pat breaks down his ‘A’ Game. 

Downey doesn’t mince words when describing top quality techniques. Pat is all about getting down to business. Demonstrations are where Pat really excels in his teaching methods. He has a unique way of showing options and variables from the positions he describes. Let’s take a look at how he attacks the front headlock!


Sometimes being shown what NOT to do is extremely beneficial. Pat starts off by describing some of the common mistakes people make from the front head lock. Since the front headlock in this situation is coming off of a defended shot it can be easy to get stuck in a defensive frame of mind. This can cause poor positioning and leave you vulnerable to a chain of attacks. To combat this Pat uses what he calls T-Rex arms. 

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By keeping his elbows tight he avoids the attacks from his opponent. It also allows him to hook his hands on the back of his opponent’s shoulders. Your goal with this positioning is to always be pulling your opponent’s face to the mat. This forces them to base out with their hands or elbows. Pat emphasizes this throughout the demonstration. 

Mobility is another key factor to consider when attacking the front head lock. If you simply try to rotate around your partner they are going to be able to keep up with you or worse find an angle to finish their shot. The T-Rex arms once again are going to help out here by keeping your opponent’s hands occupied and allowing a big step in one direction. Pat takes this big sweeping step to get a hook on the back of his training partner’s leg. Pat shows multiple options of attack from this advantageous position. 

The Air Downey System Pat Downey
The Air Downey System compiles Pat Downey’s favorite high amplitude techniques. The Air Downey System also covers what to do when you hit the mat! Take your takedowns and throws to the next level with Pat Downey!