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What To Do When You Need To Go Big

What To Do When You Need To Go Big

Learning to dig deep might be the most important lesson of them all.

If you've wrestled long enough, you have been in this situation; in a competitive match that has gotten a little away from you, you are down by more than 2, but still fighting hard. Time is short and you need to go feet to back for the pin, or at least big points. So how are you going to make up for that?

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The problem comes when you realize something: you don't have a big "go-to" throw! Most wrestlers really don't spend as much time practicing their feet-to-back skills as much as they should, especially with how important it can be when you need it. So, next time you need to go big, at least remember these basics:

1. Stay Calm

The worst thing you can do when something has gone wrong is panic and try anything. Take a second to decide on a plan, understand how much time is left, and work as patiently as the situation will let you. Don't walk in and give your opponent an easy takedown of their own by letting your emotions get the best of you.

2. Get To Your Tie Up

The more you can control someone on the feet, the easier that throw is going to be. So, once you have decided on exactly how you want to throw someone, handfight hard to get as much positional control as you can early! It might happen fast, so find your underhooks, overhooks, front headlocks, or whatever you need to pop your hips and and work for the throw.

3. Land On Top

This one sounds a little simple, but be sure to know that a lot of throws can lead to scrambles, but that's ok! Be ready to keep moving and working for control once you hit the mat, because that finish can be the difference between 2, 4, 6, or even the fall. Just because you launch someone doesn't mean they are going to lay back and take it.

For all the wrestlers, as you work through this season, or as you start preparing for next year, take the time to have at least one awesome throw that can help you put a match away in style, or put you back in a bout when it's most critical. Adding to your repitoire and creating different and new ways to score is going to make you a lot harder to compete with and gameplan for. Embrace the greco warrior inside yourself and find the big amplitudes that can happen with just a few technical adjustments and the patience to prepare.

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