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Micic Over Rivera In A Rare Battle Of #1's

Micic Over Rivera In A Rare Battle Of #1's

Sebastian Rivera is having a breakout season, but it's not enough to overcome the elite Serbian Sickle Stevan Micic. It wasn't the plan coming in, but Sebastian Rivera of Northwestern University bumped himself up from 125 to 133 to take on the challenge of dueling #1 Stevan Micic. Since beating Spencer Lee, Rivera has had trouble finding good competition so he went and found some of his own.

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In the first, the stronger Micic went Russian tie to arm drag double leg, converting on a nice takedown to go up within the first minute. Micic rode hard, breaking Sebastian down with arm prys and single leg rides. Rivera got back up and escaped, reshot but Micic converted a front headlock for another takedown. Micic carried over two strong minutes of riding time going into the second period, despite Rivera's urgency from bottom.

Stevan added an escape and a high crotch to a double to extend his lead to 7-1 heading into the final period, certainly a comfortable margin. He added one more takedown in the third to get his hand raised with a 10-4 decision win in one of the more meaningful matches of the season.

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