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Why Consistency Is Key In Wrestling

Why Consistency Is Key In Wrestling

It's easy to see the champions at the top of the podium and to wonder about their secrets. Were they born with that little extra grit? More athleticism? Or maybe it's their team and coaching? Luck? I have good news and bad news for anyone wondering what sets apart champions from the rest: they show up every day and try their best. That may sound simple, and it is. It's just not easy.

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You can think of wrestling, especially at the highest levels, like an attendance quiz. Who showed up when they were supposed to? Even the days they didn't feel right, or they were sore or tired. Who put themselves out of their comfort zone and really worked on the difficiencies in their skills, until their weaknesses became strengths and their strengths became unstoppable? These are the guys and girls who end up reaching that next level. If you want to be a college wrestler, everyone is good. There's no one who isn't able to do the workouts, the runs, the lifts. What will set you apart will be your technique and your ability to just simply keep showing up.

It's easy to see the top of the podium and think it's so far away, but you don't have to jump from a DNP to a gold medal. Work hard, embrace the feeling of learning and struggling, and over time, the anwsers will come. All it takes is 1% at a time, and thankfully anyone can do that. That's what makes wrestling the best sport in the world.

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