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Which Events Are UWW Rankings Events

Which Events Are UWW Rankings Events

The following events are UWW ranking events in the 2019 calendar, these tournaments all net points towards seeing the 2019 World Championships. Expect fireworks every time these dates come around, as all the big competitors want those points for seeding qualifications.

January 24th-27th, the Ivan Yariguin Memorial in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

February 9th-10th, the Grand Prix Zagreb Open in Zagreb, Croatia.

February 23rd-24th, the Hungarian Grand Prix in Gyor, Hungary.

February 28th-March 3rd, the Dan Kolov - Nikola Petrov Memorial in Ruse, Bulgaria.

March 26th-31st, the African Championships in Hammamet, Tunisia.

April 8th-14th, the European Championships in Bucharest, Romania.

April 18th-21st, the Pan-American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

April 20th-21st, the Oceanic Championships in Yona, Guam.

April 23rd-28th, the Asian Championships in Xi-an, China.

May 24th-25th, the Assari City Matteo Pellicone Memorial in Sassari, Italy.

July 11th-14th, the Yasar Dogu in Istanbul, Turkey.

July 26th-28th, the Oleg Karavaev in Minsk, Belarus.

September 14th-22nd, the World Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan.