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Throw Them with Their Own Power with Reece Humphrey

Throw Them with Their Own Power with Reece Humphrey

The Hip toss is a favorite technique of many wrestlers, especially those who might not have the best shot. The hip toss can also be set up from a large number of different positions and holds and it is a relatively safe throw that if done properly can be easily recovered from. In Wrestling this can score a ton of points, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it can be a great way to get into side control and in MMA it can be a hard slam that takes the wind out of your opponent so you can get off some solid ground and pound. 

In this video, former team USA olympic wrestler Reece Humprey shows a lesser known variation of the hip toss known as the sag hip toss. Everybody and their mother knows about the standard, kind of Judo style hip toss where you load your opponent onto your hips and then throw them over.. It can be seen in movies, TV shows, video games, everyone has seen it at least once. It’s big, cool looking, makes a big sound and looks powerful. 


The hip toss that reece goes over here is less cool looking but just as effective. For this hip toss, you are going to start from an over-under position and throwing to the overhook side. To start, you are going to want to push forward on your opponent to provoke them to either meet your strength to stop you from pushing them or to get them to start pushing back to regain ground. When you start to feel your opponent push back you are going to sag downward to get your opponent to come upwards. 

Then you are going to quickly step your foot back so that you are in your stance. When you do this you're going to pull on your hooks and switch your hips so you are facing the opposite direction. Doing this in combination with your opponent being in a taller position than you and pushing into you will make this a very easy throw that doesn’t require a lot of muscle. 

Reece emphasizes this by saying that you should move like a machine, stretching out your pectoral muscles on your underhook arm until the right moment. From here your opponent will always effortlessly hit the mat. 

From here you will be in a scarf hold position, so if you are doing this throw in a BJJ or MMA context there is a lot you can do from this position with the variety of ground and pound and submission techniques that are available to you. This version of the hip toss may also be better for BJJ and MMA is that in the standard hip toss, you are giving up more of your back. This is something that can be very dangerous in MMA and BJJ, as you are giving your opponent the opportunity to take your back and submit you, take a better position, or just escape completely, but with this technique that danger is nearly non-existent. 

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