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Stuck On A Single? Jimmy Sheptock Can Help

Stuck On A Single? Jimmy Sheptock Can Help


So you got in on a single leg only to have it defended huh? That will happen. Since the single leg is so common even at elite levels, both the finishes and defenses have come a long way. No matter how good your single leg is, there is a good chance your initial attempt will need some contingencies planned. This is where Jimmy Sheptock can help!

The Single Leg Takedown by Jimmy Sheptock is an entire instructional dedicated to making your single leg SHARP. Let’s take a look at a quick clip on single leg contingency plans from the man himself!


The shin whizzer can be a good strategy to begin to break away from a single leg. Anytime you can make the battle of your legs vs their hands that is a good idea, especially defensively. As Jimmy snags the single his opponent circles his leg to the outside.  Sheptock counters this by making his first priority to hike your opponent’s leg up as high as possible. This will make turning away and limp-legging out of the single leg SUPER difficult. 

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Staying close to your opponent with your hip is important, especially for initial control. By hipping in while hiking the leg you will start to make your opponent hop to stay balanced. In this situation, Jimmy opts for an old classic, the old club and trip. For this to work you do have to disconnect your hands to be able to club. Sheptock explains that you cannot let your hand start to slip towards your hip because you will lose control of the single. He focuses on keeping it as high as he can while executing the trip. 

Another key finishing factor is your forward momentum. Jimmy stresses forward pressure to keep your opponent on the defensive. If you become neutral they can start to unlock your single leg, and eventually find a way free. By keeping forward pressure your opponent will have no other option than to hop to maintain balance while looking for a way out. Thanks to Jimmy Sheptock and his instructional The Single Leg Takedown they won’t find one!

The Single Leg Takedown by Jimmy Sheptock

The Single Leg Takedown By Jimmy Sheptock has ample amounts of game-changing details waiting to unlock the true potential of your single leg. Master one of wrestling’s most trusted takedowns with Jimmy Sheptock!