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Pat Downey

Pat Downey is a popular name in the world of wrestling. His many accolades started back in his high school days, when he was a dominant force in three sports: football, lacrosse, and obviously wrestling. Moving on from high school, with a new sole focus on wrestling, Downey continued to prove his excellence. Always finding ways to come out on top opened up a spot for Downey on the Senior World Team in 2019, possibly one of his biggest achievements. 

Pat Downey Wrestling Main Achievements High School: 

- 3rd place as a freshman at the Maryland State Tournament (2008) - 6th place at National Preps (2008) - Undefeated 1st place Maryland State Champion as a sophomore, which was the first 

state champion that his current school had ever had (2009) - Undefeated 1st place Maryland State Champion as a junior (2010) - NHSCA Senior Nationals Champion (2011) - USAW Junior Nationals Champion (2011) - Junior Freestyle Fargo Nationals Champion (2011) - Junior World silver medalist (2011) - FILA Junior Nationals Champion (2012) College: 

- Qualified for the World Team Trials (2014) - Undefeated NCJAA National Champion (2015) - 5th place at the NCAA National Championship Tournament (2016) - 3rd place at the Big 12 Championship Tournament (2016) Seniors: 

- 5th at the US Open (2017) - 3rd at the Dave Schultz Memorial International (2017) - 3rd place at Final X (2018) - 3rd place at the World Team Trials Challenge Tournament (2018) - 7th place at the US Open (2018) - Champion of the Dave Schultz Memorial International (2019) - 7th pace in the Cerro Pelado International - Final X Champion (2019) - US Open Champion (2019) - World Team Member (2019) 

Pat Downey Biography

Patrick Downey III, more commonly known as just “Pat,” was born on August the 7th in 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents were Patrick Downey II and Tia Downey, and of the three kids that his parents had together, Pat was the only boy. 

However, Pat Downey didn’t have the easygoing life full of successes that his achievements may lead one to believe. Downey had many hardships on his journey to the top that would have easily kept an average person from maintaining the elite level of dedication to wrestling that he was known to have. 

His first of many distractions came in the form of getting kicked out of his school, Mount Saint Joseph High School, after his freshman year. Taking himself, along with the 3rd place Maryland state title that he obtained, to Loch Raven High School for his sophomore year was yet another bump in the road that proved to be of little importance to Downey.

While at Loch Raven, Downey was able to remain undefeated. His 35-0 record with 28 wins by a pin landed him on the top of the podium for the 2A-1A division in the 160 pound class. His unwavering success powered through yet another move to North County High School his junior year. Despite all of his adversities, Downey landed another championship title. This time, with a record of 34-0, 25 pins, and never quit attitude shining through, Downey claimed the first place spot of the 4A-3A division even after going up a weight class. 

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Some of the more brutal hardships came in the later years of his high school career when he had a case of second degree assault, robbery, and theft against him due to several incidents in earlier years. Pat’s 2009 and 2010 confrontations ended up putting him out of his senior year of all three of his extracurricular sports. His state high school sports administration said that his actions deemed him ineligible for the entirety of Downey’s senior season. 

This discouraging situation left Downey looking for a solution. In an effort to be able to participate in his last year of high school sports, Pat and his dad packed up and moved to Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, though, to both Pat and his father’s dismay, the new Florida administration also ruled that the actions of the young wrestling star would leave him on the bench yet again. 

However, the whole reason that the Downey family went to Orlando of all places was for the hopeful Pat to be able to train at Oviedo High School. This school had won five Florida state titles in wrestling and was obviously a great place for young wrestlers to hone in on their techniques. Pat did just that.

Not willing to let this training opportunity pass by or let the year off from competition stop his progress, Downey trained with the Oviedo team throughout his year of ineligibility. That training carried him to a victory at the Senior National Wrestling Championship in Virginia Beach, which would be the first of many of Downey’s impressive feats coming out of high school. 

These sharpened skills of Downey put him on a quick rise to the top once he got to college. With his troubled past, the junior college platform was the best that Downey could land. He made do with the situation and carried an undefeated season along with an NCJAA Championship victory under the Iowa Central CC wrestling team into a spot on the prestigious Iowa State roster. 

A very successful 2016 season at Iowa State showed promise, but Downey eventually lost his spot on the team yet again due to violations of team rules. Nonetheless, a very successful post-college career showed to have been in front of Downey. He won many international freestyle tournaments, further ensuring his reputation of being a great wrestler while putting his name in very close association with victory. Downey’s hard work and skill is still paying off for him as he is still currently wrestling in the Senior freestyle scene. 

Weight class: 86 kg (189 lbs)


Pat Downey Instructionals

Unorthodox High Percentage Offense by Pat Downey

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The Air Downey System by Pat Downey

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