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Let Chael Sonnen Get You PUMPED For UFC 244

Let Chael Sonnen Get You PUMPED For UFC 244

OK GREAT......!

It’s going DOWN. If you have been following the UFC or MMA for any stretch of time you are probably very familiar with the two athletes in the main event. Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are set to face off for the inaugural BMF title. This unprecedented match is receiving an unprecedented belt. Also, if you were curious what BMF stands for, it stands for Bad Mother F…..figure it out. So who else can get us tuned up for this epic UFC card taking place in Madison Square Garden? The Bad Guy, Chael Sonnen. THAT’S WHO, check it out. 


Chael tells a story like no other. If you haven’t strolled by his YouTube Channel you are missing out. That applies whether you are a MMA fan, wrestling maniac, or even a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Chael has covered everything from Beat The Streets to ADCC. 

If you haven’t been following the Pre-Event drama, the short version is Nate Diaz was flagged for elevated levels of a banned substance. He was still permitted to compete, but Diaz was having none of it. Diaz took to social media to demand a correction, which eventually came. Chael talks about that here as well, and also includes some great tangent material to set the stage. 


So now that you are primed and ready for the UFC this weekend, why not sharpen a little technique with The Bad Guy himself! The following technique breakdown is pulled directly from WRESTLING FUNDAMENTALS FROM THE BAD GUY BY CHAEL SONNEN and much like his commentary it is top notch, check it out!


One of the first items to discuss is how Chael refers to the underhook/overhook dilemma. When using the underhook it’s important to remember how it should function. IF the underhook is weak your opponent can turn that into HIS overhook. This is important to remember in these exchanges because utilizing this concept, and maintaining a strong underhook can make or break you. In this instructional it’s all about the Fundamentals. 

Ready to sharpen your Fundamentals? OK Great!



From here Chael shows a variety of ways to use the underhook to shoot in on his opponent. By using his underhook to open his partner’s arm he provides the space needed to change elevation and get in on a high crotch takedown. He does the same for a classic double leg. By adding the underhook to your attack strategy you provide yourself easier access to successful takedowns. Even better is that by using these techniques you don’t have to rely on athleticism and explosiveness from the outside to enter into takedowns. MASTER the underhook!

Another great point that Sonnen makes is the ability of the underhook to pull on your opponent. By pulling with your underhook you can set your opponent up for a front headlock. This will start to drain their stamina while simultaneously setting up attacks based off of their reactions. 

The sequence from 2:14-2:26 is a perfect example of the back and forth of this position. By spending ample time in this position you will develop sensitivities to your opponent’s movements and reactions. After spending even more time you might be able to execute the technique ALMOST as good as West Linn’s own Chael Sonnen. 

Fundamentals are crucial to success regardless of what level you are at. Chael Sonnen was one of the best wrestlers to enter into MMA, and he used his fundamental wrestling to get there! WRESTLING FUNDAMENTALS FROM THE BAD GUY BY CHAEL SONNEN  HAS WHAT YOU NEED!