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High Octane Single Leg With Thomas Gantt

High Octane Single Leg With Thomas Gantt

Setting up the Takedown is not always as easy as it seems. Trying to get someone to step into a trap is easier said than done. To make the trap effective the other person cannot know the set up is coming. 

Writing about wrestling requires watching film, reading articles and wrestling a lot. You have to immerse yourself in the culture and understand your topic if you wish to be good at it. 

So when I write to you dear reader that this next technique, literally blew my mind. I really mean it. I have been wrestling for over 20 years, and continue to practice weekly and this is the first time I have ever witnessed such a set up. 

Thomas Gantt is a NCAA All American, and his set ups at both the college and senior level are as smooth as silk. When Gantt shoots it is hard to stop especially if it is a single leg the other wrestler is way behind as they thought they were safe.

Check out this trick, setting up the tie a little foot work and magically there is a leg close enough to reach for. 


Did you see that coming? 

After a few posts on his opponents shoulders, Gantt goes for the collar tie, when his partner goes to post on his shoulder as a response he bats down the arm. When Gantt bats the arm down his partner takes a step forward. Like magic, Gantt summoned a leg within shooting distance. 

That footwork by stepping away to the same side as the collar tie helps bring the shooting leg forward without telegraphing that he wants to shoot on that side. Now that the leg is close Gantt changes levels and shoots low for the leg with his head to the outside.His outside forearm is flat to the mat while gripping the heel tightly, his other hand reinforces on top of the first. The whole time pressuring  his head and shoulder into the leg. 

If his partner tries to flee by turning away, the takedown is a simple grab for the other ankle and down they go. In Freestyle you go to a leg lace and start turning for more points, in Folkstyle establish your control and get your two. This reaction makes Thomas’s work super easy. He is always ready for that motion but has a few tricks if his opponent tries to fight off in another way.

Another option his partner has is to square up to him.If Thomas leaves his leg up, it is an easy thing for him to grab and start scrambling. 

Keeping his legs tight so as to not give up that easy scramble position Thomas begins to dive for the far side leg to force the takedown.

 The  shoulder pressure is key to forcing the takedown as the other wrestler could risk knee damage if they try to fight back toward Thomas. If at any time Thomas’s partner tries to square up to him  at all. Thomas just has to pull the ankle and drive forward. This will seat his opponent straight back on to their tailbone. 

To maintain the down position Thomas hugs his opponents foot tight to his chest once on the floor. When his opponent goes to turn and scramble up, they will have an increasingly hard time as their leg is trapped between Thomas, his arm and the mat. 

Thomas prefers a high volume and fast paced style. Hands are always posting or creating ties, he is changing levels and creating opportunities to attack. If you have that same wrestling mentality of bringing the match to the mat in a fast and quick manner, Thomas Gantt’s new instructional is what you need to get your offense going. 

The High-Octane Takedown Fundamentals is a 3 part instructional that will boost your takedowns to the next level. In this instructional you will learn the in’s and out’s of setting up takes downs with foot work, feints and using angles to create scoring opportunities. 

Thomas covers in depth about how to attack the post and collars and uses your opponents movement as a tool for you. Have them set the trap they will be caught in without them knowing it. Last Thomas shows you how to defend leg attacks and keep the fight where you want it to be.


High-Octane Takedown Fundamentals by Thomas Gantt

This entire instructional is a Mat Generalship how to. Command the mat with a little help from All American Thomas Gantt.