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Heavy Breakdown With Chris Perry

Heavy Breakdown With Chris Perry


If you are reading this blog, you are one of three things, interested in wrestling, are a wrestler, or coaching wrestling. Speaking to the former group in those interested in wrestling, there are three key positions in wrestling.

The Neutral position where both wrestlers are standing, change in this position to the floor will result in points for a takedown or go behind. In Folkstyle this accounts for two points.

The second and third positions in 90 percent of cases 2 parts of one coin. A Bottom wrestler in the “Down Position” knees on one line and hands on the other referring to the two lines at the enter of the mat.

Then the Top wrestler (Top Position respectively) will have one leg behind the down wrestler legs that is knee up with the other knee down on the side of the down wrestler. Hand Position will be around the waist and on the belly and a hand on the elbow of the Bottom position wrestler.

 If you are smart your ear goes to the upper back of that bottom wrestlers or invest in a good mouth guard cause when that whistle goes off, The man is going to try and get up as fast and as hard as he can. If he can do so and create a neutral position this is worth one point.

There are tactical reasons why a wrestler in between periods would choose bottom or top positions, but today lets focus on the top game.

To score on top you can do several things, many depend on the ruleset whether it be freestyle or Folkstyle the same principles apply. The same Ideology had to be applied.

BREAK THEM DOWN!!! If you don’t break down the bottom wrestler their chances for escaping to neutral continue, if you break them down to their belly it is the top wrestlers prerogative where the match goes.

Once broken down in freestyle you can start to gut wrench for a turn worth points or in Folkstyle you can start working cool pinning combinations, inside outside cradles etc.

There are many ways to break down an opponent arm chops, cross faces, and arm bars. Today let us speak about arm bars as they are a high percentage series of breakdowns, and can lead into great technical finishes

Today we have 4 time Big Twelve Champion, 2 time back to back NCAA Champion, and assistant head Coach at Oklahoma State university Chris Perry. He wrestled for the great John Smith at OSU and the Cowboy is here to show you how to sneak your way into a near side armbar.


What a great way to get control of the near side arm.

Chris uses a classic breakdown, Chopping the arm and pulling the waist torwards him and uses his offside arm to grab their arm and set the trap.

Once in the positional fight Chris knows high level wrestlers are not going to let you just pulle their arm to get back exposure so they are going to lift the elbow how to create space and get back to their hands and knees to scramble.

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In that moment Chris reaches through the nearside arm and gets wrist control and puts his chest heavy on the back of his opponent. Effectively stopping any attempt to explode and scramble.

Chris creates that heavy weight by using good head positioning. He angles out and creates an almost cross body to get his head to the other side. He explains that if a wrestler does not do this, the bottom person has a great chance of getting away!

If you still don’t believe this will work, ask yourself this “Does anyone go 112-11 in four years of division one for one of the most demanding coaches in wrestling history without being good?” The answer is obvious and if not, drill this move and see how it works for you!

Chris has an instructional that is all about being in the top position. One of the ways to create points is “Ride time” and few have done it better than Chris Perry.

Dominating The Top Position by Chris Perry

If you like what you just saw, that was only what the French call a “Amuse Bouche’” of what he covers in his series. Check out Dominating The Top Position By Chris Perry!