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Fine-Tune Your Fundamentals With Chael P. Sonnen

Fine-Tune Your Fundamentals With Chael P. Sonnen


You know the name, you know the game. Chael Sonnen revolutionized MMA, and every athlete owes him a bit of thanks for elevating the sport to new heights. Chael was a master of generating interest in ALL of his fights. On top of that he brought a brutal grappling based style that made Anderson Silva famous! Now that he is retired he has thankfully set his sights on elevating other areas of combat culture. 

If you aren’t following his YouTube you are missing out on some of the best commentary on all things combat sports. Chael covers MMA, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, and is always answering fans questions. On top of that you will surely find his personal stories to be some of the best ever told. Trust us!

Another area that Sonnen has provided his expertise to is the world of Instructionals. Chael is no stranger to the world of grappling. He is a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has competed in ADCC! Gangster Grappling is Chael’s first instructional with BJJFanatics that focuses on using Wrestling to overcome Jiu-Jitsu’s most common tactics. Let’s take a look at how he passes the Guard, one of Jiu-Jitsu’s trickiest positions!


Chael recommends a cascade of techniques to overcome the guard. This is a great philosophy because typically the longer time spent in the guard the more likely to fall into a trap. As you can Chael is well versed in the Jiu-Jitsu world, and has the strategies to counter some of it’s strongest positions with his Wrestling-Heavy approach. 

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Of course Chael remains dedicated to his roots in the world of Wrestling. Wrestling Fundamentals From The Bad Guy is his newest instructional, and it gives you a look at Wrestling’s most important tactics. Speaking of Fundamentals...the Underhook is something that is best mastered early on, because it can be a powerful tool to have in your tool kit. 


What’s great about Chael’s instructionals is how decisively he speaks. After watching the Underhook demo you definitely are going to walk away with some tricky entries into the underhook position. For example the counter to the collar tie at 2:40, can come in handy since the collar tie is probably equally as common as the underhook! 

Fundamentals are a crucial part of every wrestler’s game. Every top-tier wrestler is going to have razor sharp fundamentals that have been consistently honed and re-honed for years. After spending a little over 3 minutes with the Underhook Fundamentals video, there is no way Grandma is getting the underhook when you hug at Christmas dinner. Also it’ll come in handy when you are taking on the competition that has neglected their fundamentals!

With Wrestling Fundamentals you get a 4-part instructional that will strengthen your foundation as a wrestler. Chael packs in the details and concepts that will increase your game, however it doesn’t include Chael’s impeccable trash-talk...