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Finally Finish Your Single Leg With Jimmy Sheptock

Finally Finish Your Single Leg With Jimmy Sheptock


When people tuned in to watch the Classic 90’s area of the UFC, it was mostly dominated by grapplers. Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling were at the forefront of combat. What usually would happen is once the grappler got their hands on their opponent we would see a takedown, and for the most part that’s where the fight took place. You didn’t really need to chain wrestle because the first takedown attempt usually worked! 

For Wrestling fans out there, the enjoyment comes from the constant never ending battle taking place in front of you when two wrestlers face off. Every technique has a counter, and every counter can be re-countered. This never ending struggle is why wrestlers have some of the best cardio in sports. So when you don’t just plow through the opposition what do you do? You have to find a way to finish your shot, and this is where Jimmy Sheptock comes in!

Harvard Wrestling Coach Jimmy Sheptock knows a thing or two when it comes to the science of finishing your shots. As a matter of fact The Single Leg Takedown  is an instructional dedicated to the art of the Single Leg. Although it is a classic that every wrestler knows and practices it is one of the highest percentage takedowns in Folkstyle Wrestling. 

Sheptock’s instructional takes you on a trip through the ins and outs of the single leg. From start to finish the single leg gets broken down to granular detail that will boost your finishing percentage from one of Folkstyle’s most dominant techniques. Check out a small glimpse from The Single Leg Takedown here!


In this instance the opponent has defended the single leg thus far with a strong use of the whizzer. The thing about the single leg is every knows it, and everyone practices it. The difference is how well you implement your contingency plans after the initial shot. Sheptock’s shoulder crank technique is one example of this. With proper positioning and a little brute force, as Sheptock describes it, you can defeat your opponent’s initial attempt at defending the single leg.

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In The Single Leg Takedown, Sheptock goes through multiple options and pathways that will lead you to eventually finish the takedown. Most people are going to offer a better defense than those kung fu guys from 1995, so it’s important to have your next route of attack  ready and in the holster. This is where your chain wrestling tactics will kick in. 

With the belly whizzer shoulder crank Sheptock does this by keeping pressure into his opponent while having the seatbelt. From this continual pressure he can make his read on what tactic is going to work best. If he cannot limp arm away he opts for the shoulder crank he demonstrates in the video. Great stuff!

The Single Leg Takedown by Jimmy Sheptock
If you are looking to hone one of Folktyle’s highest percentage takedowns you are in the right place! The Single Leg Takedown By Jimmy Sheptock is a 4-part step by step strategy that will see you not only snagging single legs, but FINISHING them!