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Drill To Kill With Bryan Pearsall

Drill To Kill With Bryan Pearsall

It's a common saying in combat sports that “Drillers are Killers” and while it might be something of a cliché, that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s easy to look at a technique online or in class and think that you’ll be able to do it in training, but unless you are some sort of prodigy it's probably not going to work out that way. That’s why it’s so important to drill specific techniques and scenarios so that you build up that muscle memory to act and perform a technique smoothly without thinking about it. 

So, in this video, Bryan Pearsall shows a very basic drill to help develop the reaction time and technique for when to pull your opponent. This is a great drill for people who are newer to grappling and wrestling because it helps to develop that push and pull motion that is very important for wrestling.  


The drill is very simple, you’re going to start off by getting down into head level with a collar tie using your lead hand and tricep control with your other hand. Pearsall emphasizes having your elbow and forearm as low as possible, so that it can create a frame in front of your opponent to prevent your opponent from coming into you, but more importantly for the purpose of this drill, so you can push off of it. It’s not as important to clamp down on the back of your opponents head on neck with your hand as it is important to keep the forearm in front of their collar bone to push on them. 

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From this position you are going to push your opponent using your forearm and forward steps. This will more likely than not, cause them to push back. When you feel the push back from your opponent, that’s when you clamp down with your collar tie to pull on it and your tricep control to pull down your opponent. This should move their rear leg forward and drag them around. 

The combination of your opponent moving forward and you pull them will likely throw them off balance and into a position where you can take advantage.  Pearsall says that it is important to treat his head like a steering wheel, switching the collar ties that you have to make different moves. Even if you don’;t want to switch the collar ties, the steering wheel analogy still works. If you think about control in this way, it becomes a lot easier to move your opponent in certain directions to set up any attacks or subsequent movies that you want. 

This way you can set up attacks by taking an angle for some other attacks, like a knee pick, which is an attack that Pearsall mentions. You can also pull straight into a front headlock off of this technique, where you can either pull your opponent straight into that position, or you can pull them first and while they are still stunned and out of position from you pulling on them, then slap on the front headlock.

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