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Capitalizing On The Over Under Situation With Zack Esposito!

Capitalizing On The Over Under Situation With Zack Esposito!


How many times have we seen in wrestling matches two wrestlers lock up in the over under position and stall? Possibly one side receives a stalling infraction or gets put on the shot clock in international wrestling.

Once on the “Shot Clock” or activity clock two things happen. The wrestler on the clock must make a scoring action happen and the other wrestler will often utilize the over under position to, ironically enough stall the other wrestler out in affect gaining a point themselves.

So how do we take a position that is tactically hard to score from and turn it into a scoring opportunity? Associate Head Coach at Oklahoma State University Zack Esposito has just the trick. Considering Zack is the 2005 National Champion at 149 lbs and three time Big Twelve champion at the same weight Zack knows how to score.

Below Zack shows how to go from over under to scoring two with a big double leg takedown.


Let us break down exactly what Zack is doing to create this!

First note that once in the over under position. (where you and your partner both have a over hook and a underhook. This position is also referred to as the 50/50 as the wrestlers are a mirror of each other)

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Zack takes his arm that is overhooked and works his thumb into the Elbow pit/ Crease of the elbow to help break his partners strong underhook.

Next Zack creates motion by side stepping his overhook side leg and back stepping his underhook side leg (creating circular motion). Not that while back stepping Zack also pulls with his underhook to force a big step by his partner.

As  the angle changes Zack changes levels and uses his underhook arm to cup that same side knee. This is going to resemble a basic knee tap if you were to drive from here.

Zack knows that the knee tap at higher levels of wrestling can be a crap shoot at best so he uses one more step to increase his chances to score.

The original overhook hand that was placed in the elbow pit/crack wraps around the close leg and he tries to clasp his hands together around the far leg. Then he drives for two!

What makes this all work is that initial hand position from the beginning, that hand in the elbow allows for him to create separation to change levels and wrap the legs.

Some of this might seem counter intuitive as lifting the overhook arm feels unnatural from such a “Safe secure” position. Yet no risk yields no reward.

Zack has helped the OSU Cowboy’s win 4 consecutive national titles as a wrestler and has coached world champion caliber wrestlers both in college and on the international stage. Names like Jordan Oliver, Chris Perry and Alex Dieringer.

It is no surprise that Zack has plenty of experience with coaching champions and youth. Zack has also shared the mat and worked with Champion MMA Fighter and OSU teammate Johnny “Big Rig” Hendricks.

The Complete Over-Under System by Zack Esposito

Zack has an entire instructional series on the Over Under position, how to score, set up traps and for MMA Fighters an entire section based on the Over under and fighting off the wall/Cage.Check it out!