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Add Another Dimension Of Attack With Chase Pami

Add Another Dimension Of Attack With Chase Pami


Chase Pami Teaches A Technique From His Judo Years

Grapplers tend to keep an open mind to techniques, as long as they are EFFECTIVE! In the wrestling room there is little time for nonsense techniques that don’t translate to success. That said having a diverse array of attacks can come in handy depending on the situation. 

One takedown that has seen success across many grappling based sports, is the Seoi Nage, or Shoulder/Arm Throw. There are numerous variations of this technique, that can be done with and without a uniform. If you aren’t familiar with Judo, it is a martial art that focuses on upper body throws and trips while wearing a Judo Uniform. 2x NCAA All-American Chase Pami kept this Judo Gem from his youth and has made it a part of his game plan against the collar tie. Check out his take on this classic technique!


Dan Vallimont sacrifices himself for the greater good here. So, shout out to him for adding some frequent flyer miles to his account! Chase uses the arm throw from a 50/50 collar tie position. In order to set his trap, Chase uses some backwards movement as he pulls Dan’s head towards the mat. This causes Dan to lift his head, this is the reaction that you will need before dropping into the arm throw. 

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The arm throw does come with some risks since you are exposing your back. To develop the necessary timing needed before dropping, pay close attention to how Chase uses his movement and collar tie to set up the space needed. Another dimension to consider is where you land underneath your opponent. If you are too far away when you turn your back and drop to your knees your throw will be easily defended. 

Once you get the timing down the throw becomes more of a reality. The key is getting your opponent out of position by using the collar tie and some backwards movement to create the reaction you are looking for. Drilling will be key to efficiency here, so keep that in mind when you are training this technique. 

Chase’s upper body plays a key role in being able to launch poor Dan like this. Chase transfers his collar tie hand across Dan’s chest and high into his armpit. As Chase points out that you need to keep your arm connected to them at the elbow and not the top of your shoulder. This puts you in a better position to generate the lift needed to finish the throw. Once you have all of the moving parts down, you can start to smooth out all of the kinks. 

Practicing in a smooth manner is going to be easier on your body, which in the long run is going to lead to more repetitions! Also keep in mind that if you hit this on an unsuspecting training partner they may not react in a way that is conducive to their safety….which is a fancy way of saying try to not to faceplant your teammate!

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