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Overhook and Underhook Mastery by Blaize Cabell

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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
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Master Crucial Overhook And Underhook Concepts With Assistant Navy Wrestling Coach And 3x NCAA Qualifier Blaize Cabell

  • Learn genius overhook and underhook strategies to develop better defense and offense
  • Discover an entire library of  high level-details that will make setting up takedowns easier than ever
  • Attack upper and lower body with a wide variety of exciting shots and throws

Master Crucial Overhook And Underhook Concepts With Assistant Navy Wrestling Coach And 3x Ncaa Qualifier Blaize Cabell




What Will You Learn?

In Overhook and Underhook Mastery, you’ll receive HIGH-LEVEL WRESTLING INSTRUCTION from Assistant Navy Wrestling Coach Blaize Cabell on mastering the crucial elements of over hooks and underhooks. Now,  you can implement the same offensive and defensive strategies used at the highest levels of wrestling competition into your own game and learn takedown chains and details that will help you DOMINATE ON YOUR FEET!

Use Strong Positions To Throw People Around


We hear the words in wrestling all the time but are you really getting the most out of the overhook and the underhook? These two positions are so importance and having a better understanding of the truly crucial systems that surround them can have massive effects on your game!

Learn Classic Techniques Like The Cow Catcher


Start with an introduction to the series to get a grasp on Cabell’s concepts and then dive right into some underhook technique that will lead you to SINGLE LEGS, DOUBLE LEGS, SNAPS DOWNS AND MUCH MORE, creating dynamic offense that you'll be able to use right away! In part-2, you'll get into the body lock and some high crotch work that has worked at the highest levels of wrestling! Cabell will round out the series with some overhook concepts, some front headlock techniques, and some phenomenal fireman's carry instruction to finish up! 

Use Overhooks to Send People For A Ride




Don’t miss your chance to get a look into one of the greatest minds in wrestling! With great guidance, Cabell will provide you with an incredibly intelligent approach to these important concepts and help you to become a much more dangerous and efficient wrestler! 


So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Underhook Throw By Single
  • Underhook Snap Down
  • The Cow Catcher
  • Underhook Whizzer Kick Single Leg
  • Overhook Inside Trip
  • Chain Wrestling to a Double Leg
  • Overhook Throw By

Part 2:

  • Body Lock Lat Drop
  • Snatch Single Leg
  • Underhook Throw By
  • Underhook High Crotch
  • Overhook High Crotch

Part 3

  • Underhook Duck Double
  • Overhook Lat Drop
  • Front Headlock Offense
  • Front Headlock Defense
  • Overhook Fireman's Carry

So, What Does It Cost?




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