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2019 Iowa vs. Oklahoma State Wrestling Dual Predictions

2019 Iowa vs. Oklahoma State Wrestling Dual Predictions

Let's take a look and break out the crystal ball to make some predictions for the upcoming installment of the #3 Iowa Hawkeyes taking on the #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys. Both teams are an undefeated 14-0 on the year and this dual could figure heavily into NCAA seeding. The following are my predictions for the dual.

125lbs: #2 Spencer Lee WBD #4 Nick Piccininni, 3-0 Iowa

Expect Lee to try to conserve a little more against a really tough Piccininni. Still, Lee scores points against even the elite, so he should win in a 3-4 point range.

133lbs: #2 Daton Fix WBD #3 Austin DeSanto, 3-3 Iowa

Two super tough competitors, both coming off big wins. Both guys bring great hand fighting, but Austin gets to legs just slightly more effectively than Daton. In matches among the elite, Daton really hasn't gotten to legs much. If he can work hard from top, it becomes a very different match.

141lbs: #16 Max Murin WBD #12 Kaid Brock, 6-3 Iowa

Whoever starts here for Iowa has a great chance to knock off a highly ranked guy having a tough season. Kaid Brock has all the skill in the world, but he hasn't been all there on the mat this season. Whichever Hawkeye goes out can take advantage, especially by prolonging scrambles.

149lbs: #6 Kaden Gfeller WBD #12 Pat Lugo, 6-6

Kaden is a gunslinger facing off with Lugo who has trouble getting his offense started on the feet. When in doubt, pick the point scorers.

157lbs: #7 Kaleb Young WBD Wyatt Sheets, 9-6 Iowa

Sheets is criminally underranked, but Kaleb Young continues to be a consistent Hawkeye in the lineup.

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165lbs: #2 Alex Marinelli WBD #10 Chandler Rogers, 12-6 Iowa

Marinelli is undefeated for his sophomore season, after a solid freshmen year. Rogers continues to be a solid option for the Cowboys, but he is at risk of losing his spot to Smith. If he wants to stake his claim, a win here would go a long way.

174lbs: #6 Joe Smith WMD Mitch Bowman, 12-10 Iowa

Joe Smith is on his way down to 165 for some reason, but hopefully he can find his way to legs early and often, because he has some of the best chances at bonus points in this tight dual.

184lbs: Jacobe Smith WBD Cash Wilcke, 13-12 Oklahoma State

Jacob's time at 184 may be limited, but he's had some great performances over top-20 guys. Wilcke has been limited at times, so I'm going with Smith. 

197lbs: Preston Weigel WBD Jacob Warner, 16-12 Oklahoma State

Warner has just struggled too much from bottom this year to pick him against a reliable top wrestler like Weigel. Still, Preston just came off the bench from injury, so maybe he will still be finding his timing.

285lbs: Derek White WBD Sam Stoll, 19-12 Oklahoma State

Stoll hasn't been himself this year and seems to be suffering from the Big Ten grind of the dual season. Derek White has been patching together a very tough season at heavyweight, beating some of the national elite. Honestly could see this getting ugly for Stoll, especially if the dual is on the line.

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