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2019 Big 12 Conference Championship Placements

2019 Big 12 Conference Championship Placements

1st: Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State)
2nd: Brent Fleetwood (North Dakota State)
3rd: Alex Mackall (Iowa State)
4th: Christian Moody (Oklahoma)
5th: Jay Schwarm (Northern Iowa)
6th: Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado)

1st: Daton Fix (Oklahoma State)
2nd: Montorie Bridges (Wyoming)
3rd: Austin Gomez (Iowa State)
4th: Matt Schmitt (West Virginia)
5th: Gary Joint (Fresno State)
6th: Jack Skudlarczyk (Northern Iowa)

1st: Dominick Demas (Oklahoma)
2nd: Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State)
3rd: Josh Alber (Northern Iowa)
4th: Ian Parker (Iowa State)
5th: Chris Sandoval (Northern Colorado)
6th: Caleb Rea (West Virginia)
7th: Sam Turner (Wyoming)
8th: Garrett O'shea (Air Force

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1st: Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State)
2nd: Jarrett Degen (Iowa State)
3rd: Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma)
4th: Christian Monserrat (West Virginia)
5th: Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State)
6th: Khristian Olivas (Fresno State)
7th: Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa)
8th: Jaron Jensen (Wyoming)

1st: Chase Straw (Iowa State)
2nd: Justin Thomas (Oklahoma)
3rd: Alex Mossing (Air Force)
4th: Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State)
5th: Jacob Wright (Fresno State)
6th: Luke Weber (North Dakota State)

1st: Demetrirus Romero (Utah Valley)
2nd: Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State)
3rd: Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa)
4th: Branson Ashworth (Wyoming)
5th: Joe Smith (Oklahoma State)
6th: Logan Schumacher (Iowa State)

1st: Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State)
2nd: Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa)
3rd: Lorenzo De la riva (North Dakota State)
4th: Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley)
5th: Marcus Coleman (Iowa State)
6th: Hayden Hastings (Wyoming)

1st: Drew Foster (Northern Iowa)
2nd: Sam Colbray (Iowa State)
3rd: Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State)
4th: Will Sumner (Utah Valley)
5th: Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State)
6th: Tate Samuelson (Wyoming)

1st: Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State)
2nd: Willie Miklus (Iowa State)
3rd: Jake Woodley (Oklahoma)
4th: Josh Hokit (Fresno State)
5th: Noah Adams (West Virginia)
6th: Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley)
7th: Anthony Mclaughlin (Air Force)
8th: Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado)

1st: Derek White (Oklahoma State)
2nd: A.J. Nevills (Fresno State)
3rd: Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley)
4th: Brian Andrews (Wyoming)
5th: Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State)
6th: Brandon Ngati (West Virginia)
7th: Robert Winters (Northern Colorado)
8th: Blake Wolters (South Dakota State)


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