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2 on 1 Tilt With Bo Nickal

2 on 1 Tilt With Bo Nickal


Earn Yourself Some Back Points!

The 2 on 1 tilt is a great technique to use to earn yourself some back points. The hard part about the 2 on 1 tilt is getting a good grip on your opponent’s arm. 3x NCAA Champ, Bo Nickal has some tips on how to snag the 2 on 1. Take a look at this demo on how to keep proper balance and use his entire body to obtain the 2 on 1!


Maintaining a strong structure and balance is a must from the top position. It’s important to remember that a good wrestler won’t simply crumple to their elbow and allow you to bully them around. Instead Bo uses technical knowledge to do his bullying from the top position. 

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Bo maximizes every angle of attack by using proper mechanics and superior leverage to snag the 2 on 1. First he makes note of how to grip your opponent’s hand. This particular grip over the knuckle line of your opponent makes it hard from them to get their hand free. Bo doesn’t leave much option for his partner to stay posted on the mat. After getting his grip he uses his knee to force his partner’s elbow to the floor. Now he has a solid 2 on 1!

Allowing your opponent to flatten out in a match could be the deciding factor. Opponent’s can use this position to stall, and possibly chew some time off the clock. Bo recommends sitting back for the tilt instead of rolling forward. By sitting back he keeps control over his opponent and is able to position him in a way to secure back points. Once Bo tilts his partner he uses his knee to keep control of his partner’s hip. 

This leaves your opponent with very little options. They can only really turn towards you or away from you. To counter this Bo extends his hand near the elbow when his partner turns towards him, and pulls his 2 on 1 tight when they try to turn away. 

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