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”You Get What You Earn”

”You Get What You Earn”


Let us be honest, being stuck at home is a drag. Not being allowed to workout with a partner or a group is equally miserable. So now that we can actually go to the gym, and events are starting to open back up, what do we do to prepare for the impending wrestling season?

First get on a scale, try not to freak out cause quarantine has had you snacking and your probably more than a few pounds over the weight you want to be.

Second Let’s get into the gym and start working sport specific movements. Sport specific movements have been shown to be much more beneficial than visceral movements. Doing the bench press will get you quite the chest you are looking for if looking good at the beach is your goal.

In reality the bench press does not have much to do with wrestling though. It might help if you are getting pinned by a guy and you can push him off you, but other than that what other time will you use that set of muscles in that manner?

A better way to train is to focus on those movements you will use in a match or will help build that explosive energy you will most certainly need.

Here is Coach Dan Vallimont with a great set of circuits that focus on all a wrestler might need to build, Strength, Speed and Endurance. You can add these exercises into your current training regimen or Do all of these in a circuit of their own.




To start off Dan has his athlete grab two dumbbells or a medicine ball. He is using a modified “Burpee'' as the motion to use. Squat until the weight touches the ground, Jump back to Plank, Do a Pushup while still holding the dumbbells or medicine ball. Then explode up and press the weight above your head. Bring the weight back down slowly and repeat the motion.

Next what Dan has his athlete do is holding Plates (weights for a bar) for 45 seconds. Do not use the handles if the plate has handles. Hold the plate off the sides of the body but not stressing the shoulders. What is great about this is it works grip strength. Not many programs have a grip strength protocol and it is great to see this vital area not being overlooked.

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Moving on to a very specific workout Dan calls it the “Slam, Sprawl, Circle” which makes it pretty easy to remember what to do and in what order. Getting a heavy medicine ball, you take a wrestling stance holding the ball in front of your face. You slam the ball, hit a Sprawl then circle 180 degrees. Quickly getting back up into a wrestling stance bringing the ball with you. Repeat this for 45 seconds as quick as you can.

Why the medicine ball instead of just sprawl and circle? Imagine it like improving your Snapdown. You snapdown, then shoot, you sprawl and circle. Now you have two points! training that muscle to be strong and that memory to be quick.

Going from a strength and speed motion exercise Dan moves into a steady cardio exercise, the tried and true Jump rope. This is a classic, and no one can question its effectiveness at building cardio and training a wrestler to be light on their feet.

Going from Nimble with a jump rope to a savage with a battle rope! Battle ropes are great for building arm and shoulder strength as well as cardio. This is another exercise that will build good wrist mobilization and grip strength. The key is to maintain a good wrestling stance at all times. Dan has his athlete doing the alternating “Waves” motion.

If you like Battle ropes, there are a multitude of exercises you can do with them to build specific strength. The kong is both arms slamming down at the same time, Dan showed the alternating “Waves” motion. Alternating outside circles and inside circles are also a great way to build auxiliary muscles you don’t normally use.

Last station is Ab Twist with a medicine ball. This is pretty self explanatory but for those of you who are not aware. Hold the medicine ball in your arms out from your chest slightly. Lean back slightly and touch the ball to either side. This motion works the obliques in the abs as well as endurance if put at the end of a work out. Sets of 30 or for 45 seconds is a great pace or way to get started.

There you have it a great workout, you can do solo with very few weights. So go grab your favorite medicine ball and get after it.

The other guy is out there working harder than you, because they want it more than you! Prove em wrong!

As Terry Brand’s Says “ You get what you earn” So invest in yourself and the season by putting in the work!

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