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World Championship Preview: James Green 70kg

World Championship Preview: James Green 70kg


The World Championships take place in Kazakhstan starting September 14th. Representing the United States at 70kg will be Team USA veteran James Green.

Green is already a two time world medalist, taking second place in 2017 and third place in 2015. He also is a 2018 World Cup champion and a two time Pan American champion. Despite his impressive resume, he had somewhat of a rocky road making it onto this year’s worlds team. 

Due to the fact that he did not medal last year at the world championships, he still had to win either the World Team Trials tournament or the U.S. Open. Initially, Green lost at the U.S. Open to Ryan Deakin in April, but was able to secure his spot at Final X: Lincoln by defeating Anthony Ashnault in the finals of the World Team Trials tournament. 

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At Final X: Lincoln, Green was able to have a rematch with Deakin where he won two straight matches to secure his spot on the 2019 Men’s National Team. 

So can Green bring home a world title? Well that really depends on which James Green shows up the tournament. Although Green is a world class wrestler and has one of the best training partners in the world in Jordan Burroughs, for a two time world medalist, he seems to lack consistency out on the mat. 

He took second place at the world championships in 2017, but failed to even place in 2018. Another example is losing to Deakin at the U.S. Open only to beat him soundly a couple months later two times in a row at Final X. 

Green also recently competed at the Yasar Dogu tournament in Turkey where he lost in the first round. This tournament is supposed to help wrestlers earn a better seed at the world championships, but it may have done the opposite for Green. 

Currently, Green is not ranked in the top 20 by United World Wrestling at 70kg, but Anthony Ashnault of the United States is ranked 17th. Green and Ashnault have wrestled each other with Green emerging as the winner, it is safe to say that Green is better wrestler than Ashnault and with his history of multiple world championship medals, he probably deserves to be ranked somewhere in the top 10.

If James Green shows up to Kazakhstan and wrestles up to his full potential, there is no doubt he can bring home a gold medal. If he does not, it could be like last year where he did not place at all or he could end up somewhere in between. Hopefully for his sake and for the sake of Team USA, Green shows up ready to wrestle and proves he is the best 70kg wrestler in the world. 

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