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Use THIS System To Dominate The Top Position

Use THIS System To Dominate The Top Position


We have heard the saying “You know it’s coming and You STILL can’t stop it.'' It is a  true testament of skill to be able to perform a technique even if your opponent knows it’s coming. There are plenty of examples of this throughout sports. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic was known for his lethal left high kick, and people still went to sleep from it. Rousimar Palhares was known for his devastating heel hooks while in the UFC, yet still executed them. Ferociously. 

In Wrestling the ability to impose your will regardless of your opponent’s best efforts is a longtime staple to the sport. The theme of being unstoppable and relentless is instilled in most wrestlers from a young age. A cool side effect of this concept is the variations and options that spur from the athletes chosen technique. In this case we are talking about Ethan Lizak and his Backpack System. Take 4 minutes of your time and watch this intro to The Backpack System. 


Ethan was known for using The Backpack System to dominate from the top position. So what makes the Backpack so dominant? One thing to tune into is how Ethan utilizes his entire body throughout the demonstration. Every limb has a job and responsibility. This concept, on top of the fact that once you are in position your opponent has to carry YOUR weight. Over a stretch of time this will drain most folks stamina, big time. 

Another aspect that adds to the Dominance factor is Ethan’s use of the double underhooks. By using the double underhooks he is able to easily pull his opponent’s weight off of the mat for the eventual turn. This tactic also allows Ethan to glue himself chest-to-back as he begins the turn.

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Now that Ethan has lifted his partner he uses his shallow hooks to assist in pulling his partner over. As you would expect the partner will be resisting this position heavily. So to ensure that you can turn him, you must turn your body as well. Since you are glued to your opponent you can you will have a little more leverage. 

As you land you can bet your bottom dollar that your opponent will start to turn away from you. Ethan combats this with his top hook around his opponent’s leg/hip region. This will keep his hips in place. His underhook starts to go towards the elbow as well to prevent his upper body from turning away as well. The Backpack System can really slow your opponent down and maximize your time to react. 

Ethan also offers a contingency here if the opponent starts to roll the other direction. Like we previously pointed out, Unstoppable Athletes always find a way to apply their craft. When the opponent starts to roll the other direction, Ethan’s answer relies on his other underhooking hand. As his partner turns away this hand can hook their armpit to allow you to stay connected to them. Failing to hook this will keep you low, and likely countered. Ethan has no doubt encountered this before and from here he can go right back into Turning his opponent for more points!

The Backpack System by Ethan Lizak
The Backpack System is a comprehensive look into Ethan Lizak’s exceptional ability to DOMINATE from the top position. Learn how to secure The Backpack through a systematic approach that will lead you to more victories!