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Use This Arm Drag Secure A Big Throw

Use This Arm Drag Secure A Big Throw


Arm Drags are fun to watch. A good arm drag seems like it comes out of nowhere, and oftentimes sends the opponent way off balance. However you are going to need to follow up if you want to secure the takedown! 

Nick Heflin, assistant coach at Oklahoma, knows a thing or two on how to use the arm drag. Recently Nick released Hit Them With The Earth which focuses on throws for folkstyle wrestling. Heflin emphasizes mastering not only takedowns that focus on the legs, but upper body takedowns as well! 

 Let’s take a look at how he uses the 2-on-1 to setup the arm drag, into a tight lock around his opponent. 


In Hit Them With The Earth Nick shows you how to utilize the 2-on-1 to effectively close the distance and begin to set up throws. The 2-on-1 serves as a great hub for many techniques because of the offensive options it provides, but also how it limits your opponent’s attacking options. It also allows you to be connected to your opponent which will let you know when they are going to react. 

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One reaction from the 2-on-1 is to use the free arm to post on your shoulder to try and create some space. If they can generate the space needed they may be able to offer more of a defense. However if you are ready for that post you can set the arm drag up. 

As Nick’s partner posts the shoulder he immediately let’s go of the wrist and meets the posting arm on the inside. This allows for the inside out motion required for the arm drag. One thing to note is the hand position while meeting the posting arm. Heflin isn’t haphazardly flailing his arm to create the arm drag opportunity. Instead he meets his opponent’s forearm with the bottom ridge of his hand. While this isn’t some mystical bone breaking technique, it will help guide your opponent’s arm more efficiently during the arm drag. 

Once the arm drag is complete Nick immediately follows up with a big step between his partner’s legs. This allows him further control over his partner’s weight and balance. This big step allows Heflin to lift his partner off of the ground which gives him more directions to dump their weight to the mat. Key details like this make it so anybody can get on the inside and generate big throws. 

Heflin emphasizes the use of upper body techniques on-top of your leg attacks. Being able to mix the two and change tactics quickly will keep your opponent guessing. Hit Them With The Earth is not only accurately named it is loaded with details that make anybody be able to adapt to the upper body throws that Nick uses in folkstyle wrestling. 

Hit Them With The Earth by Nick Heflin
HIT THEM WITH THE EARTH BY NICK HEFLIN gives you throws that are effective in folkstyle wrestling. This Two-Part series is packed full with details to land these devastating throws. Demoralize your opponent and send the crowd into a frenzy with big throws!