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Use The Inside Trip To Effectively Finish Your Double Leg with Katelyn Jarrell

Use The Inside Trip To Effectively Finish Your Double Leg with Katelyn Jarrell

As the sport of wrestling progresses, both defensive and offense techniques have become more evolved. While the fundamentals of wrestling 10 or 20 years ago are still fundamentals, the progression of high level technique forces wrestlers of all skill levels to become more creative in their technique.

Having multiple options in takedown variations is a great skill to acquire. Shooting a takedown with a back up plan to immediately go into if your first attempt is unsuccessful. You know as a wrestler how the momentum shifts when you land a great takedown, so having techniques such as these in your arsenal is extremely important. 

The inside trip has become an increasingly popular technique. Mastering the art of off-balancing your partner makes the inside trip extremely effective. However, if you don’t have that off-balancing correct, it can sometimes be easy for your opponent to simply step out of that inside trip. This is a perfect example of shooting an unsuccessful takedown, but still being in a good position to capitalize with a back up plan.

In this video, Katelyn Karrel demonstrates an inside trip that her partner steps out of into a double leg takedown, check it out below!


The Technique

There are tons of different strategies when it comes to the mechanics of the inside trip. Some people like to stay up high with either one or two underhooks, where others like to come forward with enough pressure where the placement of the arms isn’t as important. All of these can be effective depending on the scenario, but Katelyn’s variation gives her another option if the inside trip doesn’t work.

For this technique, you are literally setting up your inside trip and your double leg at the exact same time. Doing this puts you in the position where if your partner is able to free their leg, you are already in the position to finish the double leg. A lot of times when you go into an attack you are also close to another attack, but in this case you are already in another attack.

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The mechanics of this technique are fairly simple. Katelyn sets it up by peeling off the collar tie her partner has into an arm drag and then immediately changing levels. As she drops and shoots in for the inside trip, she wraps both of her arms around her partners legs and pressures forward to attempt to finish the inside trip.

As her partner steps his leg out of the inside trip, from her position finishing the double leg is as simple as popping her leg up and shooting forward to finish the takedown. Katelyn states that sometimes after they free their leg from the inside trip it may feel like a struggle to keep their legs wrapped up and your partner will be stumbling all over the place. This is a good thing, it means you are close and just need to keep up your pressure and drive forward.

Another important detail to pay attention to is timing. When you set up this inside trip, you should know that the double leg is there and be ready for it. As soon as your partner free’s their leg, it is best to start driving forward for the takedown before they can plant it back on the ground. This is where they will be most off balanced. It is not the end of the world if they get that foot back to the ground because you will have established good grips around their legs, but it will definitely make it easier.

About Katelyn Jarrell

Katelyn has an impressive background in both Judo and grappling, making her an excellent teacher for the stand up and takedown game. She is a 5-time Senior National Judo Champion and is a member of the USA Judo team.

She was a Youth Olympic Champion in 2010 in Singapore, and is a triple US Champion at 48kg in 2009, 2010, and 2015. After taking a break, she came back to win silver in the 2017 Panam open in Santiago, and a bronze at the 2017 Grand Prix in Cancun. She is one of the top female competitors in the world, and at her young age has a long career ahead of her.

About Katelyn’s Instructional 

Katelyn has devoted this instructional to counter throwing in wrestling. Included you will find techniques such as underhook whizzer, hip toss from pinch headlock, intro to the Russian tie, hand wheel, and so much more.

The Counter Throwing Wrestling Manual by Katelyn Jarrell

Katelyn has risen in the ranks to one of the top female competitors in the world, and her years of training have enabled her to perfect her world class technique. Diversify your standing attacks in wrestling with champion Katelyn Jarrell’s technique, check out her instructional here!