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Use Misdirection to Increase Your Takedown Effectiveness

Use Misdirection to Increase Your Takedown Effectiveness


As much as we’d like to just dive in on double legs and plow through the opposition, it’s NEVER that easy. Unless of course you are hitting a sweet double leg on your nephew for taking the last deviled egg at Thanksgiving. That said, by adding a little misdirection you can resume your takedown dominance. 

Now, you may be thinking that you have to be agile like a cat to use misdirection to set up takedowns. This is partially true if you aren’t attached to your partner. Without any connections you are going to have to rely on fakes and feints to trick your opponent. For those of you out there who feel you don’t quite have the athleticism to hit and outside sweep single, let us introduce you to the power of the underhook!

Mike Letts is an NCAA All-American and Wrestling Coach for the Naval Academy, and is a MASTER at all aspects of the underhook. Letts recently released an instructional for Fanaticwrestling called, Power Underhooks. Let’s Let Letts…...show us how to use the underhook to add a little misdirection in our tactics. Check the video below!


You may be thinking how in the heck am I supposed to shoot that Underhook like that? This is a technique directly from Power Underhooks, Mike starts this powerful instructional by diving deep into obtaining the Underhook. SO just keep that in mind. 

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As you can see once Mike digs in his underhook he has ample control over his opponent, as long as you can maintain control. Sometimes a weak underhook can turn into your opponent’s Overhook. By using his Power Underhook Letts is able to make his opponent step. If you can anticipate your opponent’s reactions you can increase your overall takedown efficiency. 

Another crucial element that is provided through the Power Underhook is the ability to elevate your partner’s base. By getting your partner light on their toes the ability to duck under into an advantageous position to execute a number of takedowns. 

In Wrestling it’s all about the details. Small incremental changes can really add up to an overhaul in your game. At the 2:55 mark you will see how Mike is able to turn the corner on this technique to ensure the takedown. He has to pivot further under his opponent’s base, so he “swishers” the foot. Another way to look at this small tactic is a windshield wiper. So after he swishers the foot he is able to turn the corner and get deeper in on his takedown. If you try to execute your takedown without pivoting further underneath their base, there is a good chance that they will be able to defend. 

The last KEY Detail to walk away with is how Mike masks his intentions. Once he is able to make his opponent step heavy with their back leg, he feints an attack on it.  SELL THIS technique. The harder your opponent bites on the fake, will only increase your chances of success. This is misdirection at it’s finest. It’s all made possible with Mike’s Power Underhook!

Power Underhooks by Mike Letts
NCAA-All American Mike Letts is here to help you revitalize your takedown game with Power Underhooks. Power Underhooks is a 4-part series starts with how to DIG an underhook and by the end you will be an Underhook Powerhouse. Learn how to use the Underhook to control and land takedowns like never before!