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Upper Body Wrestling Strategies With Hudson Taylor

Upper Body Wrestling Strategies With Hudson Taylor


Do you prefer closing the distance and looking for takedowns that don’t necessarily involve shooting in on the legs? Throws, slidebys, and trips are all great options to score some points without having to involve the legs. Here is a video from Hudson Taylor breaking down these tactics! Check it out. Be sure to subscribe to catch all of the latest  from FanaticWrestling!


Taylor sheds some light on why you may not want to shoot in on your opponent, which is to avoid having their weight on your back. A good sprawl is going to involve driving a lot of weight back into you. If you spam out too many attempts it is a great way to tired in a hurry. So instead of shooting Taylor recommends getting past his partner’s initial defenses into a position of control like the underhook, 2-on-1, or collar tie. 

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One concept that can make a huge difference in your overall game is maintaining awareness of where your hips are in relation to theirs. At the 2:15 mark Taylor demonstrates the importance of this concept in relation to dominating with the underhook. Head Position proves equally as important. If your opponent has dominant head position they will have a good chance to not only defend but possibly counter what you are trying to accomplish. 

While Hudson demonstrates several techniques throughout the video, by addressing overall concepts it may be even more beneficial for most. Hudson is a 3x NCAA All-American, and former Columbia Wrestling coach. It’s safe to say he knows a detail or two that can make a big difference for most athletes out there. Magic Mat Work By Hudson Taylor is packed full of these High Level Details! 

Sometimes we can become to focuses on specific techniques or takedowns we can get tunnel vision. This narrowed focus can make us forget the larger picture. Strategies like winning the head and hip position will make ALL of your offensive options more effective. Hudson is exceptional at presenting these overarching details!

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