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Upgrade Your Underhook With Gabe Dean

Upgrade Your Underhook With Gabe Dean


The underhook is a common yet powerful way to not only control you opponent, but it also affords ample amount of offensive options. 2x NCAA D-1 Champ, Gabe Dean knows how to utilize the Underhook. Underhook Domination is Gabe Dean’s first instructional with wrestling fanatics and it’s completely dedicated to all things Underhook!

Are you new to the underhook? No problem, Gabe Dean has a quick tutorial for you that will start to show you how the underhook can be used to great effect. Let’s take a look at how he uses the underhook to set up a far side ankle pick. 


One major benefit of the underhook is that it brings you closer to your opponent. An effective underhook will be able to offer a defensive base, while at the same time provide you more options to attack. Gabe shows this here with how he sets up the ankle pick. 

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Using the underhook can greatly increase how effective your takedowns will be. Have you ever seen some of the top-tier wrestlers and how esplosive they are? Sometimes it seems as though they are able to leap in on a classic low single from halfway across the mat. Not many people possess the fast twitch muscle fiber required for this. 

The underhook can be the equalizer in many cases, because you don’t need to be a freak athlete to utilize the underhook. Gabe Dean emphasizes this concept with his wrestlers at Cornell where he is an assistant coach, he covers it granular detail in Underhook Domination!

Limiting the offensive options of your opponent while maximizing yours is a great benefit that mastering the underhook provides. Gabe shows how he is able to really make his opponent bite on his fakes. Making your opponent react to your actions is what allows you to be able to secure your takedowns at a much higher rate. Obtaining the underhook immediately will start to put your opponent on alert, making them more susceptible to reacting exactly how you want them. 

Once you are in on the underhook you have a lot of options. Gabe recommends for shorter wrestlers to stick with the knee pick. He covers this in more depth in Underhook Domination. However if you have a long reach the ankle pick is a great technique to add to your toolkit. Being able to reach out far enough to scoop the ankle is a huge benefit, but the knee pick works as well. 

Gabe recommends not being to choppy with your set up. Overtime you want to get smooth to the point where there is little wasted movement. This will help catch them off guard and make the transition from fake to ankle pick much quicker. 

Gabe Dean uncovers a lot of critical details in 5 minutes. Imagine what he does in the 4-part series Underhook Domination! Learn how to enter into the under hook, set up your shot, and execute like 2x NCAA D-1 Champ Gabe Dean!