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Update Your Upper Body Takedowns With Adam Wheeler

Update Your Upper Body Takedowns With Adam Wheeler


Upper body takedowns are important for ANY wrestlers game, but especially for those wrestlers out there who maybe lack the athleticism required for sweep singles that look like they come from across the mat. Another key factor to consider is if you choose to transition to another sport such as Jiu-Jitsu or MMA. Upper body takedowns are especially effective in those rulesets. 

It’s not very often that you see a classic low single in MMA, as compared to the more frequent upper body techniques that you see take place along the cage. Unless you are Randy Couture, who oddly enough roasted James Toney with a low single in their MMA bout some time ago. Couture is a shining example of Greco’s important role in combat sports today. 

Adam Wheeler, a 2008 Bronze medalist in Greco, knows some elite tips for upper body domination. He covers his best tips and tricks in Upper Body Takedowns For Wrestling, an instructional available through fanaticwrestling.com. Let’s take a look at a couple of techniques directly from the instructional!


One of the critical elements of this technique is in the name. Elevating your opponent’s weight is crucial here. The double underhooks play a vital role in being able to control and elevate your opponent’s weight. These controls need to be hiked high at first. This high grip is what allows Adam to pull his opponent forward and make his next switch. 

Adam switches his control by dropping his hands low as his leg steps inside of his opponent’s base. He sinches his hands to his opponent’s hips to prepare for the elevator finish. An important detail that many people miss is how Adam steps his rear leg forward before lifting his partner. This re-establishment of base provides him the launch pad to….launch his opponent!

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An important thing to note that with techniques like this you can run the risk of a large impact if you don’t practice safely. Start slow and easy. As you are more comfortable with the technique you will be able to control you partner’s weight throughout, as Adam does in the technique demo. BUT also remember, as Adam also points out you don’t have to be so nice in a match!


When you see the crash pad come out you know you are in for a treat! High amplitude techniques are best practiced on a crash pad like this to be able to keep the repetitions up. Adam uses his unique arm drag where he steps into his opponent’s base. Now that he is close enough he can start to arch back and complete the throw.

The arch needs to be pretty pronounced. Adam points out that you can’t just turn. You need to get a good back arch going before completing the Wheeler Whip!

Upper Body Takedowns For Wrestling by Adam Wheeler
Upper Body Takedowns By Adam Wheeler gives you the tools you need to close the distance and IMPOSE YOUR WILL on your opponent. Dominate with upper body control, throws, and The Wheeler Whip!