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Underhook Circle Sag to Throw By with Pat Smith

Underhook Circle Sag to Throw By with Pat Smith


In the clip below, Pat Smith demonstrates a nice option from an underhook, for when your opponent clamps down on the overhook to try and defend the position. Check it out!



Pat begins by taking an underhook and getting his hips under his opponent’s. His partner wings down on the overhook. Pat responds by getting head position, and getting his free hand on his opponent’s head, and circling outside. As Pat pressures his opponent’s head, his partner attempts to posture up. As he does this, it creates space for Pat to level change into. He steps across, punches his underhook up and across to the far shoulder, and the free hand goes to the opponent’s hip, for a behind the back bodylock. 

He also emphasizes as you circle, you load your feet before pushing in to throw your opponent by. An alternative option to finish is keeping the free hand on the head, and push his head down as you drive into the tight waist you now have with the free hand. This whole series takes advantage of your opponent’s reactions to your actions.

Effective Greco Roman Wrestling by Pat Smith

Pick up Effective Greco Roman Wrestling by Pat Smith on Fanatic Wrestling today, and learn from one of the USA’s best Greco guys. Upper body takedowns and principles that not only will improve your greco, but carry over into freestyle and folkstyle too.