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Two Top-Tier Takedowns With Logan Stieber

Two Top-Tier Takedowns With Logan Stieber


Wrestling is regarded as one of the most difficult sports in the NCAA. As an athlete very few will reach the top of the heap, but some rise above the rest. Only four people have won the Division 1 National Title four times. One of those elite few is Logan Stieber.  

Stieber has one of the most dominant wrestling careers of All-Time. In highschool he was a 4x state champ with a record of 184-1. Logan is from a small town in central Ohio called Monroeville,which has a  population of around 1,500 people. There might be something in the water… because Logan went on to transfer his dominance on the mat to Ohio State, where his record was 119-3. Stieber eventually took his skills to the international stage where he became a World Champion in 2016. 

World Championship Takedowns, is Logan’s newest instructional where he gives you a Takedown roadmap. Below are two techniques from World Championship Takedowns. Let’s check them out and provide some key details Logan demonstrates!

Overtie Low Double Leg


In just under 3 minutes with a technique demo, it’s easy to tell that not only is Logan an excellent wrestler but he is also a superb strategist. A key overall concept that Logan demonstrates is how he makes his opponent react. 

By using the Overtie Logan is able to generate a lot of pull on his opponent’s head. Combined with circular movement he also can force his opponent to step to adjust. Immediately as the foot that Stieber wants hits the mat he releases the head, causing a rubber band effect. If you can generate enough pull on your opponent’s head they will want to retract from you. As this happens their posture can raise up as you are shooting in for the double. 

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Hand placement is another crucial detail that Logan points out. He uses a low ankle grip with his lead hand as his rear hand hooks at the knee to finish the low double. When you time this right your opponent will have no time to execute an effective sprawl. Top Tier Technique!

Head Inside Single Tomahawk Trip


World Championship Takedowns gives an in-depth look at the Head Inside Single. On top of all of the takedowns that you will learn, you will get contingencies if your initial attack fails. The Tomahawk trip is an example of this. After his initial trip attempt fails Logan regroups and squares up with his opponent as they stand back up. Squaring up is the key concept to walk away with here. As the 4x NCAA champ suggests one of the main reasons this fails is because people fail to square up properly to finish. 

As you can probably tell from the 6 minutes of instruction not only is Logan a stellar wrestler, but also a phenomenal instructor. Win more matches by learning the ins and outs of the Takedown game with Logan Stieber!

Referring to Stieber’s technique as World Class is not hyperbolic, it’s simply facts. World Championship Takedowns By Logan Stieber is a 2-part set dedicated to Logan’s best takedowns. Learn the Takedowns and Strategy that helped Logan become a Wrestling Legend!