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Tune Up Your Single Leg Finish With Tony Ramos

Tune Up Your Single Leg Finish With Tony Ramos


Finishing the single leg can be the most difficult part of the technique! If you are fortunate enough to get in on that leg, your opponent is going to be dedicated in defending your single leg. With less experienced grappler’s there is a good chance that once you get the leg you will be able to find a way to put their butt on the ground.

Since the single leg is one of the most widely used takedowns in wrestling, you better believe that there are some elaborate defenses out there designed specifically to thwart the single leg. One critical step that many wrestlers neglect is the role that their hands play in finishing the single leg. 

Let’s take a look at Tony Ramos, and his preferred way to finish the single leg. It involves splitting the grips between your opponent’s knee and ankle which provides more control over their leg. Let’s check out Tony’s hand split technique from Winning With Front Headlocks and Leg Attacks!


In Tony’s instructional he teaches multiple ways to get in on the single leg. This technique picks up right as you are able to snag the leg and get into proper position to drive into the opponent. Ramos uses proper head placement in order to drive into his partner. This forces them to balance on one foot, which is usually a losing proposition. If your opponent can get both feet on the ground the likelihood that they will be able to defend the single increases greatly. 

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A common defense to the single leg is to immediately turn away and ‘limp leg’ out. This is why Ramos uses the hand split method to make it all but impossible for the opponent to turn. Tony takes a grip on his partner's heel with his left hand. By grabbing the heel it makes it very difficult to turn away. This is how Tony is able to get his opponent to their butt instead of to their chest.

The hand split method also helps hike the single leg up nice and high. The higher the leg the more aggressive and higher the opponent needs to hop to keep their balance. This provides the opportunity to sweep the foot out from underneath of them which sends them to the mat for your points. 

Next time you are in on a single and your opponent is turning away from you to defend, remember the hand split method! Tony has put this technique to use at the highest levels of competition so you can rest assured that it works, so make it work for you!

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