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Three Awesome Takedowns With Nick Heflin

Three Awesome Takedowns With Nick Heflin


If you want to win matches, you must learn how to get takedowns. You definitely need to learn how to do the basic takedowns like single legs and double legs, but it is also very beneficial to how to get takedowns from different situations. 

Nick Heflin was a Big Ten champion in 2014 and a three time NCAA All American for Ohio State (2012-2014). In addition to his college achievements, he placed third at the U.S World Team Trials and U.S. Open. He is currently an assistant coach for Oklahoma University. With all of Heflin’s experience on the mat, it is safe to say he has learned some pretty cool takedowns. Here are three takedowns that will help you score more points out on the mat.

Leg Hook Shuck

This first takedown comes from a two on one position, but with this two on one, both of your hands are above your opponent’s elbow. This is a great position to be in because you are in nice and tight to your opponent and have a great angle on them. Most of the time, they will try to post on your head and try to face you. This leg hook shuck is a perfect takedown when that happens. Check out the video to see Heflin teach this takedown.


As you can see in the video, other than the two on one locked up above elbow, another big part of this takedown is hooking the leg. This is important because you need to have the leg hook for the shuck part to work. Another thing to pay attention to is how Heflin uses his top arm to clear the two on one and at the same time, he kicks the leg to clear it.

This is a great takedown, especially for bigger guys. Now you know another takedown when you get a two on one above the elbow.

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Short Two on One Arm Drag

This next takedown is also based off of a two on one and is also a great move if you like to wrestle Greco. When you get a two on one, it is extremely common for your opponent to turn and face you and post their arm on your head or shoulder. With this arm drag, you can use your opponent’s post to your advantage. Check out the video to see learn more.


To be successful with this takedown, make sure right when they post, you get your hand on the inside so you can hit the arm drag. Notice that Heflin really focuses on getting the arm down low then when he drags, he pulls the arm through then up. When he drags, the next major point is he takes a deep step between his opponent’s legs. You can see in the video, when he takes the step, he actually moves his opponent back. Then, he keeps moving his opponent back when he steps up with his other foot. Keep moving forward. Another thing to notice his Heflin’s body position. His back is very straight which allows him to really get his hips in nice and close, which he uses to elevate his opponent once he has the body lock.

This takedown is a great example of learning to wrestle in series; know what you are going to do one or two steps ahead of when you actually do it. You know when you hit a two on one, your opponent will probably post up on you. Now you have a great option for a takedown when this happens and you can be ready for it. 

Front Headlock Pancake

This last takedown comes from a front headlock position. This is a great move because it puts your opponent on their back. Check out this video of and watch Helfin teach his variation of a pancake throw. 


As you can see in the video, this throw starts with an open front headlock, but instead of the hand on the chin, you will have an underhook. Another key point is you must drive into your opponent. Even though this is from a front headlock position, it is still a throw, and if you want to hit a throw from your feet, you need your opponent to pressure back into you. This pancake throw is no different. Drive into your opponent and when you feel them pressure back, let it rip. Another thing Heflin does is he pulls the arm through, don’t forget to do that. Lastly, when you hit the throw, make sure you let the head pop out.

You should end up with your opponent on their back. From here, keep you hips off the mat and make sure you don’t get rolled. This is a great position to get a pin. 

If you liked these takedowns, be sure to check out Heflin’s in depth video series titled “Hit Them With The Earth by Nick Heflin”. In this video series, he shows a lot of takedowns and upper body attacks from overhooks, underhooks, two on ones, and more. 

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